Thursday, December 22, 2016

May God bless the dead

The nights have grown cold,
The coldest I have ever seen.
The days are the same,
Since eternity, like they have been.

I have fallen in love with it,
Warmth now pushes me away.
The world may call it whatever they want to,
This is really cool, I say.

Warm bodies should rest,
The dead ones are the best.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


I leave the best of my stories incomplete.
The good ones suffice to compete.

The best ones don't deserve an end,
They must live my lifetime,
I bid my characters goodbye,
But our stories are forever mine.

Not to be shared,
Never to be written,
Not for me to narrate,
Not for anyone to ever listen.

When the end knocks,
I run away.
'Cause no one will really ever matter.
But the stories?


It's been a welcome night,
Lonely, quiet, free.
Sans mankind, the kind that suffocates,
And the self that I never wanted to be.

A couple of small bottles by my side,
And cigarettes that burn like the fire inside.

I ponder over the past,
Take notes of the present.
I abhor the future I see.
The misfortunes of the past,
Now seem decent.

I think, on this particular crossroads of life,
I know where I am supposed to head to.

To the world that doesn't believe in you,
You simply bid a premature adieu.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Dick sucking people

This moment be the purest joy,
Then this one now, be pure pain.
This ephemeral world,
Each moment here, spent in vain.

And These people here,
Now and then, make me sick,
You People! Don't bother me please,
Shut your mouth and suck my dick.
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