Friday, October 28, 2016

A player vs The Slayer

What a waste!
Her youth, his time.
Two cynics together,
I ask, whose crime?

Doesn't really matter,
The forbidden answer,
I wish the player,
Gets killed by the slayer.

If you haven't seen much,
Don't worry as such,
The slayer will teach you O' player,
To live the rest of your life by the crutch.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A and B

Lucky is the womankind,
Fingers are all they need,
Men strain their hands,
And yet their wishes bleed.

Nature is biased,
And so are we,
A needs the one and only B,
All the A(s) of the world, needs B.

A bitch in the backyard

A wannabe poet
And a wannabe muse
In her own world
He was for her use

When mouths get used to dicks,
You'd always yearn for more
The poet assures her
This will be folklore

She is smart
She acts otherwise
A sly smile adorns his lips
As her crooked heart on paper cries

Love is a game, they say
Young girls, they play
But when daddies have their way
Bitches can only pray.

Monday, October 3, 2016

The Ostrich

I always wanted to see one,
From a distance though,
And then I saw one right next to me,
Head buried, hoping I don't know,

About its existence, it's presence,
I taught it that Bliss lies in ignorance,

The student was a sharp learner, I admit,
But dumb enough to try
And outsmart the teacher,
The student stands rusticated hereby.

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