Friday, September 30, 2016

Dead love

The vagaries of truth,
And pleasantries of life.
To not father a child,
Or to not even take a wife,
In this world fucked up beyond repair,
No lover can give you the love you seek,
I have made up my mind ,
To let love suck my dick,
Who really needs love?
 No one, I know,
Don't try to fool your daddy,
Else this situation you will blow,
I accept the harsh truth of my existence,
You needn't play with your persistence.
No love ever lasted too long,
Ours is now confirmed dead.

Monday, September 12, 2016

A full bladder

It's been a long day,
Hot and humid,
Lifeless, loveless,
Uninteresting and timid.

I pray to God,
To let peace prevail,
He asks me to soak the world,
In my own golden shower of rain.

Like instant noodles,
Justice instantly served,
The world gets,
The only thing it deserved.

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