Monday, July 18, 2016

Quote the price

Everything seems cheap,
In this market,
People unaware of their worth,
Sell themselves in a bracket,
You don't get it boy,
This is one huge racket,
People feigning identities,
Till they finally sleep in a casket.

Fuck them all,
These lives so small.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

An ode to the loyal cigarette

She rests in the comforts of my fingers,
I love the feel of hers, close to my skin,
A fire lights her up, unexpectedly,
She burns, and I just suck her in.

There arrives a point,
When her butt starts feeling the heat,
She stings my lips, as if moaning in pain,
But she burns, not giving up on me.

Then there is a time, when you realise,
You can't drag things around,
With heartfelt gloom, I chuck her,
She hits the floor, without a sound.

I can't see her reduced to ashes,
I ease her pain crushing her to death,
With Gods witness to our true love,
She continues to live in my breath.

A Failed life

And the pale blue sky,
Changed along shades of grey,
The heavens rained vengeance,
In a class of its own, persisted the day.

On days like these,
Stories weave themselves,
They speak to me of distant lands,
Of angels and demons, of fairies and elves.

And oblivious to the crowd,
My conscience becomes a wanderer,
It's a beautiful world in there,
Deep inside, down and under.

I live these stories,
As long as it pours,
With the rain gone,
I rereat to my lowly odd chores.

Maybe someday, I won't depend,
On anything but self to free my mind,
Tell me mate, one last time,
Wouldn't that be a sight?

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Freedom to you: Charter

The night is dark,
Lonely and fucked up,
You fuck yourself,
Cosy in your room, tucked up.

When I go ,
Into my self discovery mode,
Please don't complain,
Let that be the code.

You are free to do,
What you want to,
Mind you, When we fuck up,
To us, we don't have to answer to.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Fuck off

A game begins,
My aged jaw grins,
Kids come to play,
With Gods of clay,
Barely they do realise,
This God was born wise,
Stay if you want to,
I won't force you
Your life won't be the same,
When you quit this game,
You don't know your worth yet
Penniless shit, I bet,
Don't you dare,
Play god in front of me,
I am the one, the only one,
Your true God that ought to be!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The holy bottle

Drowning in the bottle,
You don't fight to breathe,
Letting it all go,
You close your eyes and leave,
This world so undone,
By its own decree,
The body is laid to rest,
Your soul is free,
You wander the other worlds,
The utopian dreams come true,
You know, the only person who ever mattered,
Was and will always be you.
Here's to black over white,
And to the one above anything you ever knew.

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