Monday, June 27, 2016

The night's watch

This night is fresh,
Dark as a virgin,
The omnipresent black,
The ultimate truth.
I once again discard,
My worldly robes,
And let the night submit,
To my eternal love.
Two bereaved souls,
And one fateful union.
A bond that shall hold,
From now until forever.
A vow that shall not be broken,
Until death does us apart.

Saturday, June 25, 2016


Reticent meditations,
Of an ascetic mind,
Virulent ramblings
Of a different kind,

It's only the road ahead,
With turns that blind,
He must travel light,
And leave everything behind,

So he chucks the world.
Into the shit sack it belongs,
He starts his journey afresh,
With the road and his songs.

He's roamed for years,
In search of peace,
In this night of solitude,
He has finally found bliss.

Takes time,
As it sinks in,
Somewhere inside,
Somewhere within. 

Switching chapters

The poet got stuck,
The reason? The muse.

Having read,
Her mind, her soul,
He knew,
This was the dead end,

He needs to close,
This Chapter that never was,
And explore,
Virtues worthy enough,

Progressing his story,
With genuine stuff,
For fallacies suck,
And he wont give a fuck,

What he wants,
is what he should get,

He wont buy,
Made up scenes,
Your shit is non existent,
It's business he means. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Not your random guy

I won't be one of your memoirs,
Trophies, shields or whatever shit,
Don't pretend anymore,
I might just lose it,

Never ever bother with the shit,
You create in your fucked up mind,
You aint no God like me,
You are retarded, but not blind.

I admire genuity,
I don't take in random stuff,
Breaching my shell,
Is indeed tough.

If ever, you feel low,
And somewhere you feel an itch,
Come to me with your true face on,
Or else go fuck yourself bitch.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Don't expect

I fought and I lost.
Now I rest.
This fucked up world,
I detest.
I were better dead,
I didn't ask,
For this new life,
You bask,
In your God gifted talent,
Another Accomplished task.
I was meant to be,
A lesser mortal like you,
In your disillusion,
You ignore what's true,
I embrace today,
You prepare for a better tomorrow,
I shall be here,
To share your sorrow,
When it all fails,
And you realise,
Life's not about aspirations,
Neither about size,
But all this would happen,
Only if you let me in,
You choose your shells,
And your sins,
I ain't any random guy,
You don't get it today,
When you fuck it up,
Dont expect me to stay.

Of gods and balls

I would nominate you for an Oscar,
Thats all you deserve,
Get out of my story bitch,
Am running out on reserve,
If you thought,
You could play god,
Mind the small g there,
Your gods reside,
Somewhere between my balls,
I play with them,
As and when I wish,
Life is but a game,
Of gods and balls,
You pick yours,
I know mine.
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