Thursday, May 26, 2016


When everything's meant to break,
Why do we hope against hope?
Maybe it's about  who we are,
And surely, the lack of dope.

I don't mind betrayal,
That's my second name,
But if you too mean the same,
I might quit this game.

Cause I know being in peace,
My bottles are loyal enough,
You being there or not,
Will be just random stuff.

But I wonder
Why does the heart fiddle,
With that unsolved,
Incomprehensible riddle.

It puts in its trust,
In anything and anyone,
And bears the brunt,
Once it's all said and done .

I wish I  never saw the world,
This world so brute, so cruel,
My mind fucks  them all,
My heart keeps it real.

Why do I breed this asshole,
This heart so naive,
Maybe for the moments,
That, in its naivity, it gave.

This baby needs to be locked away,
For it doesn't know it's age,
You be the angel you are,
I shall be the hermitic sage.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Fuck the world

He's tired now,
Of the world,
A fucked up citizenry,
Sticking their tongues in,
Into a story,
That doesn't feature them.
How I hate these useless bitches,
Who don't deserve a life,
But they fuckin breathe,
And choke others.
Amidst all this shit,
The one thing I wish,
Is that you stay,
I have let the cosmos,
Fuck my plans easy,
This time around ,
I will fuck the cosmos hard,
So hard she will deliver,
The future we deserve.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Kill the boy

He never looked beyond her eyes,
He just never could,
He's an old school guy who believes,
In love, as one should.

I remind him of his naivity,
Given the times,
The fool that he is, he says,
In an esoteric world, he sublimes.

I pray to God for this boy,
To not subject him to his scorn,
That this  boy may be killed,
For the man to be born. 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

One night

She crawled on to his bed,
In the silence of the late night,
Caressing him for a while ,
She finally embraced him tight.

The union was now complete,
Gripped by an unknown hysteria.
He finally knew the feel of hers,
This bitch called Insomnia.

When the Sun rose,
He let out a silent prayer,
May she never come to him again,
Last night be their last together ever.
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