Thursday, April 28, 2016

The death of an Ostrich

She fucks his trust,
As and when she wills,
He sits like a hermit,
Ignoring, as it kills.

Life's a bitch,
He knew all the way through,
It never was about him,
Neither was it about you.

Fuck their lives,
And the games they play,
A tomorrow never holds,
This story ends today.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

A random thought

I am a thought,
Floating in nothingness,
A thought discarded,
By my own conscience.
I wait to be conceived,
And reborn,
Not in the mind this time,
Somewhere inside,
Somewhere deep inside..

A thought so fragile,
I won't survive in a world of lies,
I could pretend being an ostrich,
For the sake of good old times,
But even if I try,
Will i be able to ignore
what happens in front of my eyes!

I will act blind perhaps then,
Cause a thought never for itself decides,
But am sure, for what it is worth,
It would be worth all the while.

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