Saturday, March 26, 2016


If its indeed come to this,
I beg you please,
Don't take the pain,
Lest it's all in vain,
Skip the stop over,
Meet someone more sober,
Two wrongs never make a right,
Going home, take a flight,
I believe we were never meant to be,
Through you, I can see,
Blessed be your love,
Don't play with me,
Skype it all you wish,
I'll find my bliss,
If I don't show,
Doesn't mean I don't know
And if i don't care,
Doesn't mean am not aware,
Let all the joy be yours,
I don't belong to this city, I'm sure.
This city that's yours.


Two egos clash,
Both survive,

A silent death,
Dies the night.

End of story,
End of plight.

The one

Momentary that bliss be,
I wish you missed me,

It doesn't really matter much,
We've spent years as such,

I wouldn't tell you if you ask,
In the bygone memories let's bask,

One touch spoils the fancied,
The sweetest grapes turn rancid,

You'd have thought I'd not know,
I knew it all, I never show,

When it's all said and done,
I'll not be yours, You'd be my my "The one".

Friday, March 11, 2016


In the city of joy,
I stumbled upon bliss,

In a lifetime of chaos,
For once, I met peace.

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