Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Short Spring

The nights,
Have grown too cold.
Too cold,
Given the time.
Whose fault, I wonder!
Yours or mine?

Monday, February 15, 2016

The Muse- Stay'

A writer needs a muse,
you add to my poems your hues,

Haven't rhymed in a while,
Let this one make you smile,

I don't know,
Any new tricks to show,

But i hope to keep you here,
You've nothing to fear,

I'd have taken it all for you,
If you chose to walk through,

Don't walk away anymore,
This heart is already too sore,

I can promise being here for you,
If you feel so too,

I have not taken chances in life,
But this one I will,

After all is said and done,
I'll ask, if I may,
If I asked you to,
Will you please stay?

Iris- Your eyes

You will never know,
I wonder if I would ever show,

Your eyes are the most beautiful I've seen,
The closest to heaven I've ever been,

I'd tape your voice and listen to it on repeat,
With every word you speak, my wits retreat,

You came to me as a breath of fresh air,
Don't know about you, but I do care,

I could win the world for you,
Like I promised a decade back to,

The world doesn't believe in me anymore,
Except for you, I don't care for the score.

My first love, you were,
This one fact I do share,

Every time you can't sleep,
I wish it was me somewhere down deep,

Confess, I might never be able to,
But I'd let you know here, as I always do,
Saying I love you wont mean much,
What you mean to me, can't be described in words as such.

You adorn my wallpaper,
How do I put it any better,
Come what may,
Please stay!
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