Thursday, December 22, 2016

May God bless the dead

The nights have grown cold,
The coldest I have ever seen.
The days are the same,
Since eternity, like they have been.

I have fallen in love with it,
Warmth now pushes me away.
The world may call it whatever they want to,
This is really cool, I say.

Warm bodies should rest,
The dead ones are the best.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


I leave the best of my stories incomplete.
The good ones suffice to compete.

The best ones don't deserve an end,
They must live my lifetime,
I bid my characters goodbye,
But our stories are forever mine.

Not to be shared,
Never to be written,
Not for me to narrate,
Not for anyone to ever listen.

When the end knocks,
I run away.
'Cause no one will really ever matter.
But the stories?


It's been a welcome night,
Lonely, quiet, free.
Sans mankind, the kind that suffocates,
And the self that I never wanted to be.

A couple of small bottles by my side,
And cigarettes that burn like the fire inside.

I ponder over the past,
Take notes of the present.
I abhor the future I see.
The misfortunes of the past,
Now seem decent.

I think, on this particular crossroads of life,
I know where I am supposed to head to.

To the world that doesn't believe in you,
You simply bid a premature adieu.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Dick sucking people

This moment be the purest joy,
Then this one now, be pure pain.
This ephemeral world,
Each moment here, spent in vain.

And These people here,
Now and then, make me sick,
You People! Don't bother me please,
Shut your mouth and suck my dick.

Friday, November 25, 2016

When GOD gets drunk

It's her that makes me God,
And she alone makes me a man.
We dont exist in isolation,
I give her, the best I can.

Every night, as I embrace her,
She pushes me away,
Only until that point,
Where I force her to stay.

I let go of of all that binds,
Lesser mortals and their kinds,

Gods weren't meant to see through,
Humans and the shit that they do.

Pardon me child, I have had enough,
With you and your likes and their stuff.

This God soaks himself tonight,
In the finest whiskey and wine.
The earth deserves to die,
In this moment so divine.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Random day

Came across a nautch girl,
In the elevator.
And took home a whore,
For the night.
I thought it's love,
Eh! All right.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Of Prayers and Wishes

Six feet underneath,
A dead saint exasperated.
A slender piece of red cloth,
Fluttered on a wall.
A knot under his watch,
Will never be untied now.

How he bears,
Half hearted wishes people hurriedly make.
As if the earth and chadars don't weigh enough,
He is choked to death time and again,
In an endless cycle,
By ephemeral desires of evanescent devotees,
Masked under the veil of a holy prayer,
A prayer that's as good as their words,
Hollow, shallow and always superficial.

The sanctity of his legacy under threat,
He might just close his doors to all this hypocrisy.

Thursday, November 3, 2016


A silent promise she's made,
Togetherness of a lifetime.
The promise stands strong,
As years have passed by.

Others made them too,
All lies.
No issues really!
Life goes on and time flies.

Friday, October 28, 2016

A player vs The Slayer

What a waste!
Her youth, his time.
Two cynics together,
I ask, whose crime?

Doesn't really matter,
The forbidden answer,
I wish the player,
Gets killed by the slayer.

If you haven't seen much,
Don't worry as such,
The slayer will teach you O' player,
To live the rest of your life by the crutch.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A and B

Lucky is the womankind,
Fingers are all they need,
Men strain their hands,
And yet their wishes bleed.

Nature is biased,
And so are we,
A needs the one and only B,
All the A(s) of the world, needs B.

A bitch in the backyard

A wannabe poet
And a wannabe muse
In her own world
He was for her use

When mouths get used to dicks,
You'd always yearn for more
The poet assures her
This will be folklore

She is smart
She acts otherwise
A sly smile adorns his lips
As her crooked heart on paper cries

Love is a game, they say
Young girls, they play
But when daddies have their way
Bitches can only pray.

Monday, October 3, 2016

The Ostrich

I always wanted to see one,
From a distance though,
And then I saw one right next to me,
Head buried, hoping I don't know,

About its existence, it's presence,
I taught it that Bliss lies in ignorance,

The student was a sharp learner, I admit,
But dumb enough to try
And outsmart the teacher,
The student stands rusticated hereby.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Dead love

The vagaries of truth,
And pleasantries of life.
To not father a child,
Or to not even take a wife,
In this world fucked up beyond repair,
No lover can give you the love you seek,
I have made up my mind ,
To let love suck my dick,
Who really needs love?
 No one, I know,
Don't try to fool your daddy,
Else this situation you will blow,
I accept the harsh truth of my existence,
You needn't play with your persistence.
No love ever lasted too long,
Ours is now confirmed dead.

Monday, September 12, 2016

A full bladder

It's been a long day,
Hot and humid,
Lifeless, loveless,
Uninteresting and timid.

I pray to God,
To let peace prevail,
He asks me to soak the world,
In my own golden shower of rain.

Like instant noodles,
Justice instantly served,
The world gets,
The only thing it deserved.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Noise vs silence

A simple question,
Laid in front of the poet.

Who he loved more?

The Silent Noise ?
The Noisy Silence?

He chucked both,
Plunged into the never-ending void.
Never to come back again.

The game ends tonight.
Try as you might.


Sunday, August 21, 2016

A bitch in hiding

There's been no greater player,
Than you.
But your daddy wrote the rules,
A fact you never knew.

The dogs,
Are salivating for you,
As if nothing else they own,
But the being that's you.

Daddy's gonna let you go,
To be the self that is you
Don't ever act in front of him again else,
He will have your pussy served for stew.

Not just for these dogs,
But for the brethren you once knew,
So they shall all know,
The bitch that hid in vain from their view.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Goodbye Baby

The truth has dawned upon me,
And I did let you know,
Rest of life is not much,
Just a paid-for show.

Stereotypes do hold,
You child, you proved it to me.
Go find some other sugar-daddy,
A sluts’s, I just can’t be.

A better world

The world would have been better,

Without us  bipeds roaming around,
And light being slower than sound.

The world would have been better,

Without the X chromosome meeting another X,
And the Y determining the sex.

The world would have been better,

Without the rules of civilization laid down by retards,
And individuals being able to rob others of their innards.

The world would have been better,

Without people like me taking birth here,
And finding our place else somewhere.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The bitch and me

She swears by love,
She who doesn't deserve my dick,
She replays her emotions,
Making me even more sick,

There is a time to everything and everyone,
Your time unfortunately is now done ,

Two different directions never meet,
Columbus never said,
But the bitch you are,
You Don't belong to my shed.

So roam wild and free,
Don't ever come back to me,
I have had enough of you,
Am sure, you have had enough of me.

Monday, August 15, 2016

The pole star and I

Don't try to make him,
The man you are,
Let him be your boy,
Proud of whom you are.

Let him live in the world he does,
This one wouldn't suit his likes,
He's high up there, enjoying his time,
Trying to let go of low-worldly desires.

If he pulls it off, good for us,
If he fails, why care,
He's managed it well until here,
He will do fine ahead,
The Gods tonight themselves swear.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Rio 2016

A billion hopes decimated,
To the core until now,
When the stars fail over and over again,
I wish the underdogs do it somehow.

This is a land of heroism, fanaticism,
To learn to be humble, is what we need to relearn,
A false sense of superiority served no one,
Greatness is not charity,
That's something you have to earn.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Trump them all

I hear them after a while,
Songs that kept me senile.

And I realise, I am a human no more,
I don't feel anything, my heart's forever sore,
God knows when this transition happened,
But it did, and there's nothing I can mend,

I still put my trust in people and expect,
I have been a dick all my life, let me be direct.

But when did this desire to be worldly resurface?
A fake life, that of all people, I embrace!
I wish, and I really do, this is a phase,
It too shall pass and I will win my race.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Quote the price

Everything seems cheap,
In this market,
People unaware of their worth,
Sell themselves in a bracket,
You don't get it boy,
This is one huge racket,
People feigning identities,
Till they finally sleep in a casket.

Fuck them all,
These lives so small.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

An ode to the loyal cigarette

She rests in the comforts of my fingers,
I love the feel of hers, close to my skin,
A fire lights her up, unexpectedly,
She burns, and I just suck her in.

There arrives a point,
When her butt starts feeling the heat,
She stings my lips, as if moaning in pain,
But she burns, not giving up on me.

Then there is a time, when you realise,
You can't drag things around,
With heartfelt gloom, I chuck her,
She hits the floor, without a sound.

I can't see her reduced to ashes,
I ease her pain crushing her to death,
With Gods witness to our true love,
She continues to live in my breath.

A Failed life

And the pale blue sky,
Changed along shades of grey,
The heavens rained vengeance,
In a class of its own, persisted the day.

On days like these,
Stories weave themselves,
They speak to me of distant lands,
Of angels and demons, of fairies and elves.

And oblivious to the crowd,
My conscience becomes a wanderer,
It's a beautiful world in there,
Deep inside, down and under.

I live these stories,
As long as it pours,
With the rain gone,
I rereat to my lowly odd chores.

Maybe someday, I won't depend,
On anything but self to free my mind,
Tell me mate, one last time,
Wouldn't that be a sight?

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Freedom to you: Charter

The night is dark,
Lonely and fucked up,
You fuck yourself,
Cosy in your room, tucked up.

When I go ,
Into my self discovery mode,
Please don't complain,
Let that be the code.

You are free to do,
What you want to,
Mind you, When we fuck up,
To us, we don't have to answer to.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Fuck off

A game begins,
My aged jaw grins,
Kids come to play,
With Gods of clay,
Barely they do realise,
This God was born wise,
Stay if you want to,
I won't force you
Your life won't be the same,
When you quit this game,
You don't know your worth yet
Penniless shit, I bet,
Don't you dare,
Play god in front of me,
I am the one, the only one,
Your true God that ought to be!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The holy bottle

Drowning in the bottle,
You don't fight to breathe,
Letting it all go,
You close your eyes and leave,
This world so undone,
By its own decree,
The body is laid to rest,
Your soul is free,
You wander the other worlds,
The utopian dreams come true,
You know, the only person who ever mattered,
Was and will always be you.
Here's to black over white,
And to the one above anything you ever knew.

Monday, June 27, 2016

The night's watch

This night is fresh,
Dark as a virgin,
The omnipresent black,
The ultimate truth.
I once again discard,
My worldly robes,
And let the night submit,
To my eternal love.
Two bereaved souls,
And one fateful union.
A bond that shall hold,
From now until forever.
A vow that shall not be broken,
Until death does us apart.

Saturday, June 25, 2016


Reticent meditations,
Of an ascetic mind,
Virulent ramblings
Of a different kind,

It's only the road ahead,
With turns that blind,
He must travel light,
And leave everything behind,

So he chucks the world.
Into the shit sack it belongs,
He starts his journey afresh,
With the road and his songs.

He's roamed for years,
In search of peace,
In this night of solitude,
He has finally found bliss.

Takes time,
As it sinks in,
Somewhere inside,
Somewhere within. 

Switching chapters

The poet got stuck,
The reason? The muse.

Having read,
Her mind, her soul,
He knew,
This was the dead end,

He needs to close,
This Chapter that never was,
And explore,
Virtues worthy enough,

Progressing his story,
With genuine stuff,
For fallacies suck,
And he wont give a fuck,

What he wants,
is what he should get,

He wont buy,
Made up scenes,
Your shit is non existent,
It's business he means. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Not your random guy

I won't be one of your memoirs,
Trophies, shields or whatever shit,
Don't pretend anymore,
I might just lose it,

Never ever bother with the shit,
You create in your fucked up mind,
You aint no God like me,
You are retarded, but not blind.

I admire genuity,
I don't take in random stuff,
Breaching my shell,
Is indeed tough.

If ever, you feel low,
And somewhere you feel an itch,
Come to me with your true face on,
Or else go fuck yourself bitch.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Don't expect

I fought and I lost.
Now I rest.
This fucked up world,
I detest.
I were better dead,
I didn't ask,
For this new life,
You bask,
In your God gifted talent,
Another Accomplished task.
I was meant to be,
A lesser mortal like you,
In your disillusion,
You ignore what's true,
I embrace today,
You prepare for a better tomorrow,
I shall be here,
To share your sorrow,
When it all fails,
And you realise,
Life's not about aspirations,
Neither about size,
But all this would happen,
Only if you let me in,
You choose your shells,
And your sins,
I ain't any random guy,
You don't get it today,
When you fuck it up,
Dont expect me to stay.

Of gods and balls

I would nominate you for an Oscar,
Thats all you deserve,
Get out of my story bitch,
Am running out on reserve,
If you thought,
You could play god,
Mind the small g there,
Your gods reside,
Somewhere between my balls,
I play with them,
As and when I wish,
Life is but a game,
Of gods and balls,
You pick yours,
I know mine.

Thursday, May 26, 2016


When everything's meant to break,
Why do we hope against hope?
Maybe it's about  who we are,
And surely, the lack of dope.

I don't mind betrayal,
That's my second name,
But if you too mean the same,
I might quit this game.

Cause I know being in peace,
My bottles are loyal enough,
You being there or not,
Will be just random stuff.

But I wonder
Why does the heart fiddle,
With that unsolved,
Incomprehensible riddle.

It puts in its trust,
In anything and anyone,
And bears the brunt,
Once it's all said and done .

I wish I  never saw the world,
This world so brute, so cruel,
My mind fucks  them all,
My heart keeps it real.

Why do I breed this asshole,
This heart so naive,
Maybe for the moments,
That, in its naivity, it gave.

This baby needs to be locked away,
For it doesn't know it's age,
You be the angel you are,
I shall be the hermitic sage.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Fuck the world

He's tired now,
Of the world,
A fucked up citizenry,
Sticking their tongues in,
Into a story,
That doesn't feature them.
How I hate these useless bitches,
Who don't deserve a life,
But they fuckin breathe,
And choke others.
Amidst all this shit,
The one thing I wish,
Is that you stay,
I have let the cosmos,
Fuck my plans easy,
This time around ,
I will fuck the cosmos hard,
So hard she will deliver,
The future we deserve.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Kill the boy

He never looked beyond her eyes,
He just never could,
He's an old school guy who believes,
In love, as one should.

I remind him of his naivity,
Given the times,
The fool that he is, he says,
In an esoteric world, he sublimes.

I pray to God for this boy,
To not subject him to his scorn,
That this  boy may be killed,
For the man to be born. 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

One night

She crawled on to his bed,
In the silence of the late night,
Caressing him for a while ,
She finally embraced him tight.

The union was now complete,
Gripped by an unknown hysteria.
He finally knew the feel of hers,
This bitch called Insomnia.

When the Sun rose,
He let out a silent prayer,
May she never come to him again,
Last night be their last together ever.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The death of an Ostrich

She fucks his trust,
As and when she wills,
He sits like a hermit,
Ignoring, as it kills.

Life's a bitch,
He knew all the way through,
It never was about him,
Neither was it about you.

Fuck their lives,
And the games they play,
A tomorrow never holds,
This story ends today.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

A random thought

I am a thought,
Floating in nothingness,
A thought discarded,
By my own conscience.
I wait to be conceived,
And reborn,
Not in the mind this time,
Somewhere inside,
Somewhere deep inside..

A thought so fragile,
I won't survive in a world of lies,
I could pretend being an ostrich,
For the sake of good old times,
But even if I try,
Will i be able to ignore
what happens in front of my eyes!

I will act blind perhaps then,
Cause a thought never for itself decides,
But am sure, for what it is worth,
It would be worth all the while.

Saturday, March 26, 2016


If its indeed come to this,
I beg you please,
Don't take the pain,
Lest it's all in vain,
Skip the stop over,
Meet someone more sober,
Two wrongs never make a right,
Going home, take a flight,
I believe we were never meant to be,
Through you, I can see,
Blessed be your love,
Don't play with me,
Skype it all you wish,
I'll find my bliss,
If I don't show,
Doesn't mean I don't know
And if i don't care,
Doesn't mean am not aware,
Let all the joy be yours,
I don't belong to this city, I'm sure.
This city that's yours.


Two egos clash,
Both survive,

A silent death,
Dies the night.

End of story,
End of plight.

The one

Momentary that bliss be,
I wish you missed me,

It doesn't really matter much,
We've spent years as such,

I wouldn't tell you if you ask,
In the bygone memories let's bask,

One touch spoils the fancied,
The sweetest grapes turn rancid,

You'd have thought I'd not know,
I knew it all, I never show,

When it's all said and done,
I'll not be yours, You'd be my my "The one".

Friday, March 11, 2016


In the city of joy,
I stumbled upon bliss,

In a lifetime of chaos,
For once, I met peace.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Short Spring

The nights,
Have grown too cold.
Too cold,
Given the time.
Whose fault, I wonder!
Yours or mine?

Monday, February 15, 2016

The Muse- Stay'

A writer needs a muse,
you add to my poems your hues,

Haven't rhymed in a while,
Let this one make you smile,

I don't know,
Any new tricks to show,

But i hope to keep you here,
You've nothing to fear,

I'd have taken it all for you,
If you chose to walk through,

Don't walk away anymore,
This heart is already too sore,

I can promise being here for you,
If you feel so too,

I have not taken chances in life,
But this one I will,

After all is said and done,
I'll ask, if I may,
If I asked you to,
Will you please stay?

Iris- Your eyes

You will never know,
I wonder if I would ever show,

Your eyes are the most beautiful I've seen,
The closest to heaven I've ever been,

I'd tape your voice and listen to it on repeat,
With every word you speak, my wits retreat,

You came to me as a breath of fresh air,
Don't know about you, but I do care,

I could win the world for you,
Like I promised a decade back to,

The world doesn't believe in me anymore,
Except for you, I don't care for the score.

My first love, you were,
This one fact I do share,

Every time you can't sleep,
I wish it was me somewhere down deep,

Confess, I might never be able to,
But I'd let you know here, as I always do,
Saying I love you wont mean much,
What you mean to me, can't be described in words as such.

You adorn my wallpaper,
How do I put it any better,
Come what may,
Please stay!

Monday, January 11, 2016

New Year

The calendar’s changed,
When will life?
Why I wonder,
Is hope still alive?

The grey inside,
Has turned black,
Of time and thoughts,
I have lost track.

Insatiable, This thirst,
Will perhaps never die,
Downing drinks all night,
I wait for time to pass by.

Experiments with love,
Show no desired result,
The ones with lust,
Failed the worst.

Consumed by our own selves,
Sucked into the void of our lives,
The good times are gone,
Only darkness thrives.

Why pretend then,
Why to greet?
Fuck the new year,
Spare me the Bull shit.
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