Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013- All ours!

How I hate, These winter mornings, To hell with the cold, And the fog, This is, A special one, And I rose, With the sun, This one morning, surrounded, By if not all, Many a ones, I cherished, And for the ones, Who were not, I Shall not pity, But hope, As for all of them, May the sun shine, Equally bright on you, Time shall follow its own course, But I hope my firend, This year be ours! All ours!

There he falls.

Beyond the boundaries,
of thoughts,
you could conjure,

Emerged a story,
crossing what is defined,
and what is not.

The tainted ones,
got their dues,
the purer ones,
they did not.

A void developed,
why? I know not!
something went wrong,
who cares, what!

For those who know,
This sad story I do tell,
Pity your faith,
But your god, he just fell!

Yes the mightiest one,
Yes, he fell.
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