Friday, May 10, 2013

To be or not?

Dropped his armor,
It slowed him down.

If at all he should,
He will lay one last bait.

Fear, he had none.

He'd take one shot at the beast,
And put to an end, this heist.

He will either kill,
or death shall be his tonight.

He looks prepared,
For this one last fight.

And this tiny piece of land,
Shall be the witness first hand.

To the heroics of this brave man,
The last one, of his clan.

Faced by mankind's most perilous question-
" To be or not"?


Looks wiped clean,
The earth.
The air too.

Smells like, Satiation
Like exasperation
Like a poet's inspiration.

The perfect morning!

Standing at the sixth floor,
He finishes his cigarette,
And goes off to bed.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Of sons and fathers

This one,
doesn't taste good,
when not served cold.

It does,
when  it's chilled..

They might call it revenge..
I plainly call it-
A mug of beer.'

Half-developed insights,
of half developed minds,
Meet their fathers now.

Right here!
Yes, right now.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

For you, Kaka!!

And he was one of a kind,
One who didn't know inhibitions,
And he knew no fear.

The God's child, I'd say,
For, he sung in words,
That seemed divine.

And he created the music too..
His fingers strum the strings,
Like butter was meant for bread,

A man honest, caring and a genius,
Beyond what words could describe,
A gem, I'd say.

I do not mean much,
In this world so fast,
But in my passive tone, I'd say..

May you sing songs of joy,
Of friends, of love,
Of destinations, of journeys..

I will listen to them all,
Repeating till eternity,
Perhaps until,
You write your story down.

And then play your songs,
On repeat,
Again for eternity. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013


The man in the mirror, I know not!
A stranger? Or someone I forgot?

To him, I tell a secret though,
For I thought he should know,

"Sometimes when I see you,
 I miss the boy, I once knew

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013- All ours!

How I hate, These winter mornings, To hell with the cold, And the fog, This is, A special one, And I rose, With the sun, This one morning, surrounded, By if not all, Many a ones, I cherished, And for the ones, Who were not, I Shall not pity, But hope, As for all of them, May the sun shine, Equally bright on you, Time shall follow its own course, But I hope my firend, This year be ours! All ours!

There he falls.

Beyond the boundaries,
of thoughts,
you could conjure,

Emerged a story,
crossing what is defined,
and what is not.

The tainted ones,
got their dues,
the purer ones,
they did not.

A void developed,
why? I know not!
something went wrong,
who cares, what!

For those who know,
This sad story I do tell,
Pity your faith,
But your god, he just fell!

Yes the mightiest one,
Yes, he fell.
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