Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Actions and reactions melt away,
Engulfed by the void of time.
Why care if the nightangle sings,
Saints rant, or the street dogs whine.
Ends a memory at the end of this line.

What if the sun doesn't rise tomorrow,
Paint your dreams on the blank sky,
Let the night sink into its own darkness,
Who called upon the stars to shine.
Ends a story at the end of this line.

A thousand lost cigarette butts,
And their futile wait to be reclaimed,
Dope is gone, so are the shots,
Forgotten are the bottles of wine.
Ends an era at the end of this line.

Above noble souls, and thoughts benign,
Minutes and seconds, by themselves align,
For a bright tomorrow, with a precise design,
The first toast to them, the last one be mine,
Ends this day here, at the end of this line.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Waking up!

And one fine morning,
I wake up to see,
Another new day progressing,
As it ought to be,

I light up ,
The usual morning cigarette,
Coming back to life,
And to terms, with that one secret,

One that I've avoided,
For so long now,
Retaliating all questions,
With one simple 'how'.

Catching a glimpse of the paper,
I take one deep puff,
And smile at the ignorance,
I've shown towards all this stuff,

Unlike the world,
Fussing over how to show,
Am pissed off, knowing,
There's still so much left to know!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Of the dogs and bitches!

Through times of my life,
And through the ones beyond,
I've seen them every single day,
Been with them, wasted time upon,
And I've met ones of the other kind too,
If not noble, atleast indifferent,
Having stayed there in their minds,
Bastards of both categories,
Ease in captaining thoughts,
That for sure is one thing,
Making any day grand,
Is a talent, few are blessed with,
But every night I get sloshed,
I can't help but wonder,
What's the reason behind,
My hatred for dogs and bitches alike!
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