Wednesday, February 16, 2011


And as it poured outside,
I looked on through the glass,
That which kept the rain out,
And let the light in,

A song close to the heart,
Played softer than ever,
Soaked In a feel,
That which was left behind,
Long time back,
At a crossroad, I know well,

I pushed the window open,
Ushered in the breeze,
With tiny drops of water,
Crashing against my face,
Rewinding, in that very moment,
Life that slipped by,

Through what is here,
And what is gone,
Through What you didn't ,
And what I've done.

The ride's been lonely,
From that point till here,
But I've swiftened my pace,
I'll catch up,
Before they disappear!

Monday, February 14, 2011

A painfully long "short story"..

The sand has been dripping,
The way it does,
Time has flown by,
Not bothering to wait for us,
It's a world working just fine,
The way it's supposed to be,
Letting brains work above conscience,
This is what one would get to see,
My face in the mirror,
And yours somewhere inside,
I see two souls,
Existing miles apart,
What's meant to be,
And what we make of it,
Talking big about heights,
Of angels and the skies,
In the end the only thing that disturbs,
Is the one word you'd hate the most-
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