Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Let go and come here,
Lie down with me and stare,
At the endless sky,
Restricted to the vicinity of our eyes,
Blankly figuring out traces of white,
Small stars and the moon's light,
Deciphering nothing,
Amidst winds whispering,
And when you can feel,
Absolute nothingness for real,
Roll over, change your side,
Locate a pair of confused eyes,
And let them know,
Things you don't show,
For when nothing remains,
Of choices and domains,
Love shall survive,
In our beating hearts and silent eyes,
I've stared for too long,
It feels like a place I belong,
Until I spread my arms to realize,
There was no one by my side,
I close my eyes,
And let out a smile,
Knowing that love shall survive,
In beating hearts and silent eyes.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Behind enemy Lines

Not always the person you fight,
Is your enemy,
Enemies are soft targets,
Even the fiercest of them,
Battles get complicated when,
They are against your own people,
Whom you'd not hurt,
But their ignorance peeves,
The lesser warriors,
Either attack or evict,
It only makes sense,
To hang in,
And let the ignorance drown,
In its own self,
For a battle unfinished,
Symbolises a recurring trouble,
Finishing off what started is skill,
And a little bit of will,
But to know who to kill,
Is the greatest of all gifts,
You, my ignorant enemy tonight,
Dine and sleep in peace,
Let tonight be yours,
I'll guard my walls,
But you shall be safe,
I'll put on a fire,
And hope it will give you light,
So what if the darkness survives,
I gave you this night, but then,
I surely will have my time.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A page from " The memoirs of God's Lemonade".

"Pay attention", he commanded, "as I let this out,
Trust my words, Don't you dare doubt,
What do you see? A tender boy, or a man stout?
Do you hear that noise, do you hear them shout?
Cribbing about all the wrongs I do, the rules I flout.

I know you do, Save yourself the pain, Do not answer,
As if I give a damn, I've got things better,
You stay quite, scrub your ears, so you get me clear,
Your mouth's got no job here, Am the only speaker,
And take your notes down, Here lies the key to your future.

Let them scream and mock, I take all the blame,
Payback is certain, To those who brought up my name,
Why the haste, Shortage of time never did I claim,
You call this insane? Amusing is what I find this game,
Save it for your likes, the hanging frame, and all the fame.

They talk of dreams and goals, I cherish and find everyday peace,
They've got laurels and medallions, You see here, I've got my keys,
No less is my struggle, But everynight I sleep sound, my head at ease,
They are one fine class, in search of a lemonade, lemons they squeeze,
They'll do fine, and close their eyes, pleading God to appease.

One thing you must understand boy, Life is tough,
So much to explore, Smooth terrains, and some patches rough,
Fuck the rules, Enslave your dreams, Do, Die, or whatever, Elude the cuff,
Now get out of here, And learn to live, While I get back to my stuff,
Don't forget you live only once, But you get it right, and Once is enough!"

Saturday, December 4, 2010


I like cutting the lights off,
Something I always do,
Wherever I go,
And Let my mind Soak itself,
In the tranquility of black,
When the nights sing to me,
Songs from distant skies,
I lean back on the chair,
rest my legs on the railings,
And let go, Of all that binds,

But there are lights in the cottage,
People who know switch them on,
Come, share their joy and grief,
Sing along, lose themselves in the rings of smoke around,
Sometimes make sense, sometimes not,
And it always feels good,
To have them stopping over,
Lending me a break from the depths of thoughts,
Thoughts which just don't let go,

It was nice, O' old friend of mine,
Having you here, for the night,
Revisiting the good times,
Brighter and purer days,
Make yourself comfortable ,
With the cuisine and the wine,
Choose your tune, but play it low,
Feel yourself at home,
And in case I don't notice,
Just put the lights off, When u go.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Good Night!

Here comes a night, Familiar,
Devoid of sleep, a perfect souvenir,
Feels so right, One of it's kind,
I feel the urge to make this one rhyme,

Perfect was the day, perfect was it's end,
To seal it in words, is all I intend,
As for the eyelids, that don't drop,
A spell of words, made the clocks stop,

Some walls collapsed, The fissures I can feel,
Unsuspicious as I lay, words breached the seal,
And the mind, still blank, strayed a thousand miles,
To the Sandwiched lands, through the aisles,

And through its eyes, I see, a tomorrow that could hold,
Love in our hearts, As together we grow old,
Chasing our dreams, But free from their charms,
A world spanned by two souls and four arms,

Not a question of destiny, It's about the calls we make,
When tomorrow comes, Let's see what roads we take,
As for tonight, I wish I could sing you to sleep,
Steal a few moments, that you would like me to keep,

As I wait to see the sun rise, miles away,
Unsure if I made any sense, I've nothing else to say,
Towards existence, finds its way, whatever was this,
A good night's post perhaps, Sealed with a hug and a kiss.
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