Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nowhere close!

Words colder than ever before,
But it's a reversal of roles for sure,
Ones which were once genuine,
Are no longer meaningful, no more pure,
And the ones which were just imagination,
Have started making sense,
Being more direct, conveying messages,
Finally coming out of the veil of pretence,
What a feeling, indescribable,
An ugly one, I dont mind loving,
I can but just say good luck,
Whilst you are packing and leaving,
But there was some stuff, again,
Which needs to be cleared,
What seems rudderless now,
Through the storm, needs to be steered,
I know your fear of the uneven waters,
And your love for ways steadier,
As if I give a damn, but i do,
One of those truths, u'll never get dear,
In the memory of everything chucked and ignored,
Whatever be those,
I had a small piece of free advice,
So here it goes,

Of all the stories cooked up,
I don't mind not being a part of,
But there's something more important,
Things you might already be aware of,
But in case you are not,
I'll like you to know,,
Am glad you turned out so human in the end,
Stuffing your mind with what people show,
And I cant help but pity,
In case you don't even know,
Am not one of them ,
And they ain't me,
Remove your blindfold and try,
And then maybe you shall see,
The only thing human here is you,
Humane ain't me,
Divine is what it was,
Guess its time to set things free,
Am tired now of explaining,
So let it just be,
Enjoy your hassle-less journey,
But know, nothing you ever knew,
Came even an inch closer to me!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Drenched, he walked with slow steps,
In knee deep waters, on the flooded street,
Scarce souls ran for shelter,
But he was in no mood to retreat,
Taking off his shirt, he fastened it to his waist,
The shivers were now so welcomed,
He stopped walking, stood still,
Closed his eyes, and summoned,
Thoughts he had been trying to avoid,
After realizations and confessions and what not,
This was a time, To let it all go,
And check what he'd actually got,
One more time, he was willing to take a chance,
To risk getting trapped yet again,
In what should not be, Though it's all what really is,
Meant to be broken wishes and some pain,

The thunder tried waking him up to reality,
But tiny drops of rain, Tapped his closed eyes,
As if not letting them open, even if he wanted to,
A conspiracy brewed, somewhere beyond the skies,
He let the ecstacy take over, arms stretched,
Oblivious of what happened around,
A smile adorned his deserving lips,
As he recounted memories, some veiled, others gowned,
Enchanted, he continued, travelling through time,
Feeling what he always wanted to,
And this didn't require anyone's consent,
Painting what was once black, totally blue,

Eternity was what it felt like,
By the time he ran out of the feel,
Opened his eyes, almost blinded by the twilight,
After the reel, it was time to keep it real,
He resumed walking, somehow content,
Knowing that it's all preserved in there,
That's what he's been, treasuring all that's worth,
Not in diaries, nor in vaults, but inside somewhere,
Coming back to him, he's on the road,
Inching closer towards his place,
When he sees people peeping from their homes,
With a weird look on their face,

And he noticed his gleaming chest, still bare,
In a city, which knows only pretentions,
Casually he removed his shirt from his waist,
Put it on, to help them breathe their apprehensions,
With each of the six buttons he put on,
He sealed all memories and thoughts back again,
Waved at the kid next door, as if nothing ever happened,
Here was a formal man, simple and plain,
Nothing to share, nothing to show,
What lies inside, No one shall ever know!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


I look back down the memory lane,
And realize how things have changed around,
The asphalt on the road, leaves on the trees,
Faces, smiles, winks, words, references,
All bear the signs of a change so profound!

But a minority that stood out from the list,
Were the ones with the power to describe and explain,
Precisely minute in nature, they often go unnoticed,
No knowledge or experience is complete without them,
Fools like me chase them, alas, in vain.

And so, I was in for a surprise, When ,
I read the change the details had undergone,
Firsts becoming seconds, interests waning,
And stuff that should just let be,
Privacy is a virtue neglected, I'll but try on.

Change is inevitable, as granny used to tell,
How could have poor details escaped the fate!
Its not a sharp mind that catches the trail,
A heart that cares suffices the job,
Examining details, till the time it's too late.

What changed is important, For the leads it provides,
A weird process it is, in a world estranged,
Learning from these cues, one should better adapt,
Tried ignoring, But still makes me wonder,
How terribly have the details changed!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Walking along.

Remembering all the times,
I have asked to let me be,
I feel the prayers have been answered,
And I am now a part of the crowd.
Its clear why they wander ,
The crowd is not entitled to choices.
And I walk along,
The initial craze dies out,
But I keep walking, telling myself,
The darkest of forests too,
House uncut ways that guide,
Existence is never by chance,
And its true, they are out there,
Even I'll find one,
If ever perturbed by the gloom, I'll run,
Race against the beats of my heart,
Faster than time, faster than thoughts,
And escape anything that binds,
Dive into the sky, tear it apart,
Make my way to the abode that was mine,
Where the Sun doesn't burn you,
Where daggers and deceits dont hurt,
Where its just you and the peace of black,
But my job ain't done yet,
I longed to witness and live in ,
This not-so-black world,
For experience counts, if nothing,
Escaping back is always an option,
But as long as I can,
I'll walk along..

Friday, October 15, 2010

Who decides?

She sat weeping by the riverside,
Next to the stone, which once,
was the Prince of the tribe,
The reason for this terrible fate,
was a curse, unbreakable,
Unless true tears of love,
were shed by a noble heart,
A heart the prince was loved by,
A single tear was enough,
But it had to be pure, true.
An entire day had come to pass,
And the pincess was still trying,
To cry out that one tear,
Which upon touching the stone,
Would bring it to life,
Conquering the curse with love,
But in vain,
The tears now were out of guilt,
Guilt of the absence of love,
She cried him a river,
But that one drop was still missing,
Broken the stoned prince was,
To realise the truth,
But He could not take it anymore,
To watch the princess cry,
Her eyes swelling up,
He let out a silent prayer,
To the holder of the curse,
To let him speak at once,
And the next moment, The stone spoke,
" Go home dear, Let no tear out for me now,
When I first kissed those eyes, I promised,
I'll never let them get wet,
It's not your loss today,
The one who lost everything ,
Is Me! Go, and remember,
You will never know ,
My love for you".
The stone turned silent then,
Never to speak again,
The pincess, stunned,
Took one last look,
And a small tear escaped,
It rolled down her right cheek,
Dripped from the chin,
on to the stone, SPLASH!

Love is perhaps the most
mysterious of all that we know,
It might not be there,
Where you blindly assume it to be,
And just when you think,
This is done, Love is dead here,
It might raise its ugly head meekly,
To declare, You dont decide ,
Where am I supposed to be,
I'll decide it for myself,
And then for you too!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

No complaints.

When I asked myself the other day,
Why do I never complain about life,
I saw your faces smiling with eyes closed,
And I knew, There shall never be a dark time,
With you guys being around in my thoughts,
Radiating strength, in dark nights.
I can take a fall and then rise all by myself,
But now I have your arms to make it easier,
Bliss is what it feels to be with you,
Pride is what it becomes when you come back everytime,
Standing the tests of time and circumstances,
We have together been a force unparalleled,
Everytime we get sloshed together,
And lose our worldly robes,
There I see, pure souls, that still care,
And I feel loved beyond times,
I have indeed had a time of my life with you,
And I know, Its the same with you,
In the name of all the smoke and booze that flowed,
And the killing of time, Time that separates,
I have fallen in love with this city,
Every place I go, I have moments from the past to recall,
You guys are rockstars, You know that,
Its just a matter of time, Until we get together again,
Set some different city on fire this time,
And I can wait for that time patiently now,
Thanx to the love showered by you,
Knowing What you feel for me,
I just don't hold any complaints against life!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Once upon a time...

Roll back ages,
Take them to their time,
And they shall know,
The glory they knew,
What they stood for,
And i shall be obliged,
If I see them smile,
Heroes of an era,
Vestigial today,
Words they do deserve,
For what lies within,
Not blood, Not hopes,
A cause much greater,
unknown to me,
For i never witnessed,
Days that were theirs,
I can guess though,
Bright must have been those,
Songs in their praise,
Swears in their name,
Treasured they were,
Preserved in their likes,
Pity them, I can not,
That elusive Power,
Is yet to be savoured,
This shall be a tribute,
To them who couldn't survive,
The test of time,
And the race of evolution,
Defeated you stand,
Let me take you to the time,
The beginning of it all,
And you shall know,
The purest of hearts,
Your worth is still spoken,
Let today be so,
But you shall indeed know,
Even though my words dont rhyme,
You, am sure, had your time.
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