Thursday, September 30, 2010

What remains?

An inglorious world meets it's silent end,
Sore I am, But no tears shall I let out,
An obvious truth but it was,
Clear to even the naivest brains,
And I do miss,
The warmth of the morning sun,
Pleasantries of the blackest nights,
Secrets kept, Wishes made,
Confessions of a pure heart,
But one dream it was,
My body-clock says its time,
Time to wake up, and move,
Back to the world that remains,
I resist, for i still can't believe,
What was right here when I closed my eyes,
could be gone in a blink,
I had castles to make,
Raise toasts, and cut a cake,
Corners of the town explore,
A world nascent as it still was,
Down to ruins has it come,
Gloom and despair, inevitable as they are,
Take over the land, once so alive,
No evidence speaks otherwise,
But I still wonder,
Defying logic and the odds,
Of the thousand ways to make you quit,
Could this be it?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Higher- Than ME..

Holding the chains tight, I feel so alive,
Like the kid in my family photos archive,
Soaring high, falling low, and again I soar,
Unperturbed like waves hitting the shore,
I feel blessed, thrilled to the core,
Louder than the thunder, you can hear me roar..

Feel the wind on my face, See the sun in my eyes,
Watch my smile grow wider, the higher I rise,
All creases disappear from my forehead,
Dumped the world around, cleared my head,
I'll take a break from wiping tears that others shed,
And stop nursing memories, now long dead.

Pushed the ground with my feet,
And there I go, Flying in a motion discreet,
I'll come down like everything that ever rose,
But one kick to the ground, and up it goes,
I take one look at my legs, strong ones are those,
They'll take the pain, for the flight I chose.

If ever you find me slowing down,
Sweat on my face, Eyes red with frown,
Rush to me, and give me a push from behind,
In all my life, nothing would be anymore kind,
For what you see is the child in me, praying for time,
My legs could give up, but never would my mind.

Enough said, and preparations made,
I'll now not worry about the end,
Up I go, everytime I take a drop,
Never felt better, I just dont want to stop,
Swinging alone, Am the one this world forgot,
Come watch me sometime, and please dont let me stop!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Burnt for greed,
I never complain,
Reduced to ashes,
I still take the pain..

But touch me not,
I'll leave a stain,
One that can not be washed,
Try as you may in vain.

Stay away,
the way it's supposed to be,
Light up your life,
Leave the Darkness for me.

A lump is all I am,
Of carbon just like you,
Sans the breaths you take,
And all that I can't do..

Harmless and selfless,
Am still looked at with suspicion,
I dont complain,
A weird world, a weird premonition.

Buried under tonnes of earth,
I've waited to be born,
Building strength and resilience,
Learning to tame my scorn.

And this is me now,
What you see ,
An unsung hero in your world,
But no regrets, let it be.

If at all you can,
Sing me a song tonight,
Uncertain if i'll see,
Tomorrow's light.

Am no phoenix,
But from my ashes, I'll rise,
I have darkness to destroy,
Am myself dark, But still precise,

So sleep in peace,
The night isn't too long,
But this could be my last,
Sing me a farewell song!

Monday, September 13, 2010


And one strange night,
Trapped in one strange city,
Surrounded by strange people,
Taken over by a strange form of insanity,

In a rather strange way,
I hit on a strange aspect ,
Of a strange species ,
On a rather strange planet,

Blessed with a strange mind,
And a strange red heart.
A tale of strange survival,
Part routine, Part a strange art.

Strange words, Fraudulent claims,
Render strange the entire story .
Strange that It doesn't matter,
A deal so strangely ordinary.

How strange is everything around,
Making exceptions is a strange sin,
Strange could be the word for me,
But Strange is what you have always been!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A discarded list.

'Cause all I need is Peace,

Peace- silent, tranquil, spotless,

The relief, then the release,

Elusive! Chased nevertheless.

'Cause all I need is love,

Love deserved for all that I gave,

Shedding inhibitions, rising above,

Freed!, This heart so naive..

'Cause all I need is time,

Time to set things straight,

Explain myself, Clear the slime,

Stretched? Don't leave, Hang in and wait..

'Cause all I need is faith,

Faith in me, Whatever I do,

Unfeigned words, Foul wraith,

Ignore! But know, I've put mine in you.

'Cause you see, All that I need,

Differently though, You realize, you do,

Found them all together, Pardon the greed,

Chucked the list, All I need now, is You!

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