Monday, August 30, 2010

Being evasive..

Walking alone, you'll be all fine, 
But it's just a matter of time, 
When one day, someone comes humming a song, 
Holds your hand, starts walking along, 
Weird it might seem, But you wont resist, 
You'd be done with all myths that persist, 
For he'd be the one, you've been waiting for, 
Have some faith, give some time, you'll be sure, 
Melting in his arms, old claims will die, 
You're just human, Don't be shy.
Confess love, It's not that bad afterall, 
It had to come, The final curtain call.
Keeping aside my world, my fight. 
I'd smile as you prove me right, 
But that would be a different day, 
we can only wait for it to come this way, 
It will come for sure, I know, so do you, 
Trust my words, they've always been true, 
Whoever he is, will join you on your journey, 
And you'd not want him to leave, 
It would hurt if it's not me,
But i'll still smile, and let it be,  
Taking consolation that you proved me right, 
You won't escape the bug, try as you might.
Just a matter of time until you meet, '
He shall come and sweep you off your feet! 

Friday, August 27, 2010


Wandering souls I see, 
Looking for a place, 
Where they belong, 
Some are blessed, 
For their quest is short,
Rest all disgusted and tired, 
Of the toll it takes, 
But none ever stop, 
For they do believe,
There is a place, 
Where they belong.

I feel sorry for them, 
For all the pain suffered, 
Hoping against hope,
Not ready to admit, 
Not all belong, 
To the green meadows, 
And the fairy lands, 
Look around, 
You could be there, 
Whether you like or not, 
Where you stand could be, 
Where you belong. 

They don't listen, 
It's only human, 
To long for everything better, 
And they shall continue, 
To wander with hope, 
For a place, 
They Wish to belong, 
Forgetting where, 
They actually do , 
The fools and The wise, 
Have no distinction here, 
I can't help but pity, 
These souls wandering, 
Until that day when, 
I look into the mirror,
And the man there asks-
"They believe in a place, 
 Where they belong, 
 If you are so sure, tell me,  
 Where do You?" 

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I've been wondering all this time,
Life seems to have changed but how?
But this saturday evening tells me,
I Am no more what i used to be, now,
Contradictory feelings arouse in my mind,
When I realise how true the reality is,
But the pain does take over the elation,
For it's true, I never wanted this.
Pretending to be someone I am not,
Infact trying to be what the world wants me to,
It's been a long month, and tonight i decide,
To get back into my old robes, Paying whatever I need to,
For this life has definitely been easier,
But not what it was supposed to be,
To hell with survival and aspirations,
I'll not change, I was born to be me.
To those who never cared,
My fury is all you deserved,
To the ones who do, Am sorry,
But this is Me, the way I'd like to be preserved.
I can feel it calling, And I can wait no longer,
I discard the faces I've been wearing for a while now,
This is me, The stories you've heard are all true,
Down on your knees you go fool, take a bow!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cautious Steps !

Always in action,
Some taken, others not,
These are my steps,
All that I've got!

Wandering steps, leading nowhere,
Directions still undeciphered,
Just a faint image guiding me,
Towards a place untampered,
Free of prejudices and pain,
An abode of Love and strength,
How do I save this dying image,
Slowly diluting, shrinking in length..

I hear it utter words sometimes,
To whom, Am not certain,
But i wish they were mine,
Its me who knows the depths they contain!

Unsure, as i have ever been,
Tempted I am to embark this way,
As if I had a choice, I already am,
On the directed road, come what may!

If only I could find it one step closer,
I'd leap over the entire distance left,
Till then I cautiously tread this path,
Unusually cold and calm, seemingly life-bereft!

The journey of life, is easier,
If covered in distinct steps,
You take one towards me,
I'll cover the rest,
Forget elligiblity, and appreciate,
The innocent mind ,
which believes it's destiny is you,
Unsure if it will ever make it through.
Nevertheless, it still keeps me walking,
Covering time, In carefully placed steps,
It's a painful-yet-worth-it story,
Of You, Me and these unsung steps!

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