Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's dying !

The winds have gone crazy..
The clouds are making up for the delay,
The town's plunged into darkness..
It's all dead and gloomy, to my dismay..

Rendered absolutely jobless by the climate,
I get down to the one thing I am anyday good at,
Refuelling my system with its daily doses ,
Examining the surrounding void, trying to adapt;

I sit here, cluelessly emptying cups of tea ,
and thrashing burnt butts onto the ground;
my gaze gets stuck at a lesser being,
silently staring at me, against the wind's whirling sound,

It’s melting down , even as others are shivering,
Heavy drops roll down it’s cheeks, They look like tears..
It’s almost half dead, and will survive only the next few minutes,
I could see its pale yellow face, Battered by burns and wrinkled by fears..

The tears it sheds, freeze midway on it’s body,
It burns a little more to sublime them away,
It’s fighting tirelessly to destroy all darkness and pain,
I appreciate your effort, I must say..

But its end is approaching near,
The flame that symbolized life is now flickering low,
As if begging me to cover it up from the winds,
And let it have a peaceful death, one that is painless and slow..

Am sitting still, as if under a spell,
I can’t move my hands, and help it out..
But I won’t let it die an untimely death,
But what can I do, I can’t even shout..

Once the flame goes out, it shall be replaced,
By another candle, and there shall again be light;
This is the logic behind this world,
But how would I forget this sight ?

If there was ever a commitment I made,
This was it mate, trust me, am not lying;
Someone help it out,
This flame is dying!
I can work wonders at times,
But I don’t know why am I not even trying,
Or maybe, I just got my common sense back,
It says ‘everything’s made to be broken’, very true,
But the conscience inside still screams-
To hell with crying angels and men flying,
Do something about it Lord, This flame is dying!!

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