Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chasing Peace..

The creator's genius sometimes leaves me amazed,
A world working just fine, 
Humans struggling for existence, just like the lesser forms,
Life, arguably, is a seasoned Vintage wine..

After an entire day's struggle,
When I make myself comfortable in the balcony,
A can of beer in one hand, a joint in the other,
Following futile thinking, comes forth an irony..

The dope slowly takes control of my senses,
Forcing me into a state of temporary bliss...
Concealing ,the wannabe perfectionist in me, deep inside,
Exposing the imperfect man that hides underneath..

Into this trance, when I slowly dissolve,
With Barrett and his gang playing in the background..
You come to me  dressed all white,
Spreading ripples of eternity all around..

The struggling world seems a hallucination.
everything seems so quiet , serene and perfect..
This is where i would forever be..
This is life, you bet!

I love the way you smile innocently at me, 
and then lose yourself in my arms..
And I love the way it feels, 
when I run my fingers through your hair..
The world just ceases to exist ..
All the time I hold you near..

The night seems like eternity with you in my arms..
Looking into your eyes, Am freed of all pain..
Time ticks by without getting noticed,
The cell keeps ringing intermittently in vain..

But then, I suddenly find you melting away..
Subliming into the thin air that smells of grass..
Eternity fading away, the struggle sinking in..
Flloyd sounding like cacophonic crass..

I hit reality.. My cannabinoids and neurons have started reviving,
Forcing me to quit this utopia whose end was predictably near..
And get back to the struggle..
To get up and roll some joints and look for some more beer..

This is life, The place where you sweat it out..
Struggling all your way to the day of judgement..
But Can't we steal a moment or two , and  make it happen, 
The way it once was, I've grown tired of this prolonged predicament..

Why is the struggle still on, I've no clue..
Probably it's fate..
But Do bring me peace someday, For even today,
The last peg always goes in your name! Cheers mate! 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The night has a story to tell..

Through the window ,
I gaze at the night sky..
I didn't bother to do that for a while now..
And tonight I regret , Why!

I wonder what does it try to hide
behind that veil of darkness..
Speak out your heart , Am your friend..
It's dead silent, no matter how hard I press..

But the still air whispered something into my ears
Behind the veil, it hides it's tears..
But why, why would the night cry?
It longs for light, to get rid of the dark sky..

After an entire day of struggle and chase..
The night brings you peace so that you can close your eyes..
And wander into your world of dreams..
As the night itself silently cries..

For it has been cursed by the Lords..
To forever be devoid of light ..
It shall continue to exist in pure darkness and be aggrieved..
by the moon and the stars that shine gleefully during the night..

The night has a painful story to tell..
But You won't bother to listen..
For it lacks the lustre and the glory..
To grab your attention..

But my friend, I sit here admiring you..
I am well aware of the pain you have always been through..
I can't possibly change your fate..
But after each sunset, I shall listen to you..

You can share all your pain and grief with me..
I will let you be what you always wanted to..
No life can be perfect, but we still can try..
Smile now my friend, I want to see a smiling you..

In the flash of a moment, I could feel the air whirling..
The stars twinkling brighter than ever before..
An enhanced moonlight covers the entire view outside..
I couldnt really have asked for more..

I couldnt see it but I could definitely feel..
The night was smiling , smiling for me..
My job was done.. The night had overcome ..
The curse of the darkness , which was supposed to be..

There are no hard and fast rules in this world..
The creator was too tired to look after such small details..
Things can change.. So, can people..
So don't give up, even if your coach derails..

Give it sometime.. And trust me, it shall change for good..
Bad times in life are only phases..
They will pass and lead to the one..
Where there would only be smiles on our faces..

So enjoy the night..
Dont curse the darkness either..
Everything in life has it's own worth..
Dispose your doubts into the seether..

Go out and look up into the sky..
Do you feel something different?
Yeah.. The night is smiling for you ..
It's smiling even though it's all pitch black ..
Help it's cause and just smile back..
You have heard legends about light..
But you missed the unsung stories of the night..
You never cared perhaps, but well..
Each Night had a story to tell..

Sunday, May 9, 2010

We - The Men !

God gives u reasons to be proud of,
and am no exception..
Thank you god.. for making me a man..
Who can fulfill each word of the definition..

I know you were always skeptical
about creating me and my likes..
You made the mistake , but don't bother..
We are not just about daggers and spikes..

I've heard that an island never cries
And a rock has no pain..
Thats why their names get lost in the ashes of time..
For, without tears and pain, there surely is no gain..

We men, give limits their new records,
We set new standards, new examples to follow..
we set the world in motion, set the time rolling,
This meniality is within, sorry you cant borrow..

U test me , so many times..
Every day, every hour, every min, every second..
Never mind.. I know u envy me..
Coz you still seek the power to mend..

Mend up things the way i can,
Relations, disputes, doubts. huh thats an endless list..
Nothing is beyond my reach, its just that i dont care ..
Forget the lines u engraved on my hands.. Check out my fist!

I , am the one..
Who u didnt wish to create..
But such was the passion somewhere inside of me..
You failed to write my fate.

Am the ruler of my destiny..
The Man you feared will one day rock ur throne.
heh.. sit there at ease.. i wont..
Had i wanted so, it was as easy for me as kicking a roadside stone..

So all the men out there, cheers to you..
From this brother in arms of you..
We shall continue to make life what it is supposed to be..
life that is life, and to this ignorant world, something new..

We men are wretched things, Achilles said ..
yeah u were right my friend..
But lets talk more about that when i meet you..
After I close my eyes.. at the Styx's end..

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

She who must not be named !

There, amidst the crowd, stood before me..
she who must not be named..
But she did something for which..
its only me who has to be blamed..

My heart skipped a beat ..
when she came up on the dias..
the one-of-a-kind stunning smile..
The inncocent beauty without any bias..

I wish she could feel it in the air,
and turn around to appreciate..
the innocent admiration in my eyes...
thats never gonna depreciate..

She was gone, before i cud even realise,
everything I wanted to said..
got tucked in some deep pocket of my heart.
Wish she cud be by my side, on this path that i  tread..

Life was good even wihtout her but,
It was difficult to get her out of my mind..
She was one of the few marvels i admired..
yes, she was.. err no.. is one of a kind..

she talks like soft pearls rubbing against oysters..
she walks like the darkness of the night..
she invokes in me a feeling that pumps me ..
against all odds of this odd life , to fight..

After ages, tonight i dont find my eyelids dropping..
i wonder where the hell has all tirednesss disappeared..
but this new strength.. this freshness..
reminds me to be prepared...

for it's gonna be tough to realise this dream..
to make it come true..
the dream that am now seeing with my eyes wide open..
as the pane of this window gets covered with dew..

Am a godless man.. but tonight..
I pray to Him.. as others ,who believe, do..
there has never been a desire so serene ,so pure..
let me have my moment of bliss , let it be true..

Sunday, May 2, 2010

It happened one night..

If there was any one story I'd always wanted to narrate, It's got to be this one!
An experience I could die for!

This one is my tribute to THE TWO MEN, who gave me some of the best lessons of life!
I know I might just not be able to recreate the entire serenity out here..
But I could atleast try! And so, I did.. 

Here it goes-

A cold November night..
A deserted Delhi street!
Winter at its severest might..
Even street dogs making a retreat..

But there amidst all this..
Are Two men walking..
They are carrying some bags.. 
But why are they not talking?

The Yellow street lights ,
Shine brightly on their faces..
Both have their eyes wet with tears..
What the hell is wrong, any guesses?

The elder one is leading..
The younger lad is lagging behind..
He is finding it difficult to move..
and seems totally out of his mind..

The elder one looks asthmatic..
He is trying hard to breathe.. 
But is still walking as fast as he can..
Seems somewhere he urgently needs to reach..

They are together for sure..
But why isn't anyone saying anything?
Why are tears rolling down..
I don't understand a thing..

As the forced breaths reach his ears,
the younger lad this time offers help..
Give me the bag, U look tired..
It's fine, I will manage, was the reply..

Come on hurry, we might just miss the bus..
The elder man commands, speeding up a little..
Finally we have some words exchanged..
Silence however is rarely  brittle..

Both have again turned silent..
They are still walking..
The road seems never ending..
Have still no clue what's happening..

The bus station can now be seen..
Both of them quickly wipe off their tears..
Clear their throats and get ready ..
as the end of the sojourn nears..

Throughout the walking excercise..
One could feel emotions everywhere..
It was time to separate..
And everything suddenly seems so clear..

The bus is ready to leave..
The driver is blowing the horn..
Time seems to be racing..
it's already early morn..

They smile and hug each other..
Say their goodbyes..
There is silence again..
"say something! fools!" my heart cries..

The bus has started moving..
the younger lad gets inside..
Adjusts his bagpack..
and opens the window up wide..

He can't see the other man anymore..
Couldn't he wait for a while longer?
His checked eyes are now flooded..
he couldn't act any stronger..

As the bus approaches the ISBT exit, 
He sees a faint figure waving..
Clears his eyes and realizes it's him..
Ice-cold breezes , he's braving..

As the bus approches him,
the headlight flashes onto his face.
He could see a pain fiercer than his own.
"Regards" he shouts from the window..
"take care" he replied..

The bus sped away from the gate...
They are still waving at each other..
Till they disappear out of eah other's sight..
Lord! This has been one helluva night!

This younger lad inside the bus..
He is crying like a 5 yr old kid..
I realise how for the last one hour, 
I have seen emotions communicate..
Stronger than words.. Stronger than silence..

It was one life altering incident..
And I will surely never forget..
How one fine early morning,
I learnt the strange ways in which love communicates..
Why is it not always necessary to tell people ..
How you feel about them..
But how relieving it is at times,
To confess that you care,,
Why can we still hope..
Against all darkness, all bondages..
How love crosses all boundaries..
How omni-pervasive is it's might..
All this and a lot more questions were silently answered ..
By these two men, to me, that cold November night! 

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