Saturday, April 24, 2010

Soak up the sun.

How do I explain..
My love for the scorching summer sun..
I just love the way
It burns inside..
And then chars us out here..
As if exacting it's revenge..

But I just don't complain..
I have fallen in love with it...
I love the fire that burns inside..
I just love the way it continues to burn..

For I love the feeling
when a bead of sweat..
tricles down my sidelocks..
Giving me a consolation that..
Yes , Am sweating it out..
No matter how futile it seems..
But yes, am sweating it out..

Don't curse the Sun,
It already is ..
Dying a slow death itself..
But sustaining the flame of life ..

It shall receede ,
When the limit is reached..
Do not doubt it's mercy..
Let it enjoy it's time..

The summers gonna be over soon..
Enjoy the Sun, the stillness in the air..
Who knows what a summer would be like
If the Sun just refused to shine..
Praise it's beauty..
While you still can..
The sun is our hero..
let it not die an unsung death..
It's not always fun..
But I just love the Sun!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Never say Goodbye..

This one was created in December'09. When I first got to know how does it feel to part from people you hold close to your heart!
It was farewell time.. Psenti semites were about to leave.. And I wrote this down for one very special frnd! 
It's farewell time again friends.. Some of you are again , about to leave.. 
I never thought I'd ever publish this one..
But somehow tonight I realised the importance of this word- Goodbye.. and couldn't help putting it up..
This one is for you- all my psenti semite frnds.. To tell you guys that , I care!

You are about to leave..
but i dont wanna say goodbye to u..
You will  probably never return again..
but i dont wanna say goodbye to u..

I was never strong enpough to admit..
That i need you by my side..
I miss you when you are not with me..
I miss all those moments.. when together we laughed, together we cried..

Yes i was never strong enough..
to tell u that i care..
Was never strong enough to ask u to share a smoke..
Even as, through the corridor , I used to stare..

Yes.. I was never strong enough..
To tell u all those little things that were left unsaid..
Which gradually led us to two different worlds of ours..
And two separate ways that we tread..

Yes.. I took things for granted at times..
But that was just my sheer confidence in you..
That you will never separate ways..
But to err is human.. Me and you..

Let the past rest in peace ..
For we don't have much of the present in our hands..
The future remains uncertain..
But I commit to the tightening up of all left loose strands..

Yes you are about to leave..
But trust me.. I dont wanna say goodbye to u..
I believe there is still a lot o flife left for me..
To enjoy , like we once did, with u..

I hate letting my emotions out.
BUt I will make an exception today.
I will miss u my friend..
That's all I can say..

You are about to leave..
But I dont wanna say goodbye to u..
Just remember there is one guy somewhere..
Who will always there be for u..

Through all ups and downs of this life..
You shall find me ready next to u..
Yes.. YOu are about to leave..
But I shall never say goodbye to u..

Yes you got u got it right.
I wont say goodbye to u..
i hope to stay with you in your memories..
And that's why i shall never say goodbye to u..

Yes u got it right my friend..
This guy will never say goodbye to u..
Stay in touch brother..
It's about all those times, good and bad, shared between me and you..
Dont ever say goodbye to me..
Because.. I will never be able to say goodbye to u..
Yes bro, I will never say good bye to u..

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