Friday, March 26, 2010

You just had to go!

You had to go..
Oh yes, I knew it then..
As i know it now..
You had to go..

When i first wrote to u..
At the back of my mind, 
I knew u had to go..
But if only you could be a little kind..
To spend some time..
For the sake of the effort..
Alas.. You could not..
As I said, U had to go..

I won't wish u luck ahead.
Nor say it was a pleasure knowing u ..
Whatever little i could..
you see, I ain't any holier than u!

Two separate worlds..
Two separate ways..
Two separate people..
How could I ask u to stay..
When providence had already decided..
Bags had to be packed..
As i always knew..
It was time for u to go..

Now That you are gone..
This is a goodbye from my side..
We can atleast pretend we had one..
And ,by the laws of prudence, abide..
Both of us shall be perfectly fine..
No doubts about that..
No regrets, As i always knew..
One day u had to go..
It turned out a little sooner than expected..
But how does it matter..
Both of us always knew..
You just had to go..

Friday, March 19, 2010

Let Me Be !

Forgive me Lord..
For I no longer want to be YOu!
Your plans can all wait..
For am tired of being you!

Never realised when a normal happy child,
Transformed into a wannabe perfectionist..
Big dreams , Strong aspirations..
Made way to reminiscenes, As consciousness around ceased to exist..

I want my old ways back..
I want to be a lesser mortal like the crowd around!
I want to fall, and not be able to stand back on my feet all by myself..
So that i can find a helping hand, And test my ground!

Why should it always be me 
To catch people when they stumble..
To give them a life when they lose it all..
To take shit and backstabs, and still stay calm and humble..
I want to commit mistakes, 
And not be able to rectify them,,
I wish to cry , shed some real tears..
And not  be able to raise my hands to wipe them..

The turbulence inside is hard to pen down..
I've heard you care for your men..
You made me this, Am not sure about what exactly u thought..
But this is it for me, I no longer can bear this pain..

Legend has it that Men were born to be men..
In my folly of trying to play you,
I failed, to my pleasure..
The beginning has been scripted, now guide me through.. 

Take your blessings and boons away,
And let it just be..
I wan't to be a normal man..
I just want to be me!

Providence and You.

Life is a journey , they say..
Strangers beyond count meet you on your way..
You phase out many of them..
Some stay put for a longer period of time..
But that day shall come,
When you chuck them out too..
For you, are one lonely traveller,
traversing cosmic distances on an elusive planet..
a planet inhabited by morons..
Morons, Just like you,, Just like me..
coming together to meet some end..
And setting out to look for newer ones ..
For a newer task ahead..

Providence , I believe is a strong yielding stick..
Directs you at times like a magical wand..
At times, comes down harshly on your rear,,
In the end, proving it's superiority on us..
You may scream out of disgust.
Or yell out of anger,.
Cry out of pain..
or beg for mercy...
U can laugh, make fun..
U can run , but not hide..
You can try ..
But providence shall finally rule high..
Surrender your decisions unto it..
And lie peacefully as you always wished to.

I can't join u in this endeavour of yours.
For am still in a mood to challenge the odds..
There is still a lot of strength left in this small heart of mine..
I bid u adieu forever..
As i have decided to move on.
I don't give a damn about ur worthless existence..
Go! Die the shameless death u deserve..
While i move on to the next milestone of my life..
Rest in peace..
I shall pray for your liberation..
Coz You can do no good to this world..
Sleep well..sleep forever.. 
And yeah..I must concede today..
It was never a pleasure having known you..

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