Saturday, February 20, 2010

I can see it coming !

The time is near..
Yes, I have begun to sense it..
Prolonged Experiences make it clear..
My time is near..

And I dont really mind
For I Have grown so tired, just trying to be..
I need a lap to rest my head upon..
But it keeps eluding me..

I dont have the strength to put up a fight.
Resistance is not an option..
Succumbing to the devil's call, 
Seems the wisest and easiest of all..

I don't know if u see it ,
But i must concede..
I feel it coming..
This seems so real indeed!

Have so much left to do,
Some responsibilities unfulfilled..
But Tonight I want to be free  ..
In the memory of all the time that I've killed..

Time I killed with dope and caffeine..
With the conscious pursual of joblesness..
I wish to end all of it now..
To get rid of this self created mess..

The time is near ..
Hold me close dear..
'Cause whether u like it or not..
My time is near..
Neither is it a choice for me..
But the end is near..
Am sorry, I cant help folks..
The truth remains-
"My time is near.."

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