Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Let go and come here,
Lie down with me and stare,
At the endless sky,
Restricted to the vicinity of our eyes,
Blankly figuring out traces of white,
Small stars and the moon's light,
Deciphering nothing,
Amidst winds whispering,
And when you can feel,
Absolute nothingness for real,
Roll over, change your side,
Locate a pair of confused eyes,
And let them know,
Things you don't show,
For when nothing remains,
Of choices and domains,
Love shall survive,
In our beating hearts and silent eyes,
I've stared for too long,
It feels like a place I belong,
Until I spread my arms to realize,
There was no one by my side,
I close my eyes,
And let out a smile,
Knowing that love shall survive,
In beating hearts and silent eyes.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Behind enemy Lines

Not always the person you fight,
Is your enemy,
Enemies are soft targets,
Even the fiercest of them,
Battles get complicated when,
They are against your own people,
Whom you'd not hurt,
But their ignorance peeves,
The lesser warriors,
Either attack or evict,
It only makes sense,
To hang in,
And let the ignorance drown,
In its own self,
For a battle unfinished,
Symbolises a recurring trouble,
Finishing off what started is skill,
And a little bit of will,
But to know who to kill,
Is the greatest of all gifts,
You, my ignorant enemy tonight,
Dine and sleep in peace,
Let tonight be yours,
I'll guard my walls,
But you shall be safe,
I'll put on a fire,
And hope it will give you light,
So what if the darkness survives,
I gave you this night, but then,
I surely will have my time.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A page from " The memoirs of God's Lemonade".

"Pay attention", he commanded, "as I let this out,
Trust my words, Don't you dare doubt,
What do you see? A tender boy, or a man stout?
Do you hear that noise, do you hear them shout?
Cribbing about all the wrongs I do, the rules I flout.

I know you do, Save yourself the pain, Do not answer,
As if I give a damn, I've got things better,
You stay quite, scrub your ears, so you get me clear,
Your mouth's got no job here, Am the only speaker,
And take your notes down, Here lies the key to your future.

Let them scream and mock, I take all the blame,
Payback is certain, To those who brought up my name,
Why the haste, Shortage of time never did I claim,
You call this insane? Amusing is what I find this game,
Save it for your likes, the hanging frame, and all the fame.

They talk of dreams and goals, I cherish and find everyday peace,
They've got laurels and medallions, You see here, I've got my keys,
No less is my struggle, But everynight I sleep sound, my head at ease,
They are one fine class, in search of a lemonade, lemons they squeeze,
They'll do fine, and close their eyes, pleading God to appease.

One thing you must understand boy, Life is tough,
So much to explore, Smooth terrains, and some patches rough,
Fuck the rules, Enslave your dreams, Do, Die, or whatever, Elude the cuff,
Now get out of here, And learn to live, While I get back to my stuff,
Don't forget you live only once, But you get it right, and Once is enough!"

Saturday, December 4, 2010


I like cutting the lights off,
Something I always do,
Wherever I go,
And Let my mind Soak itself,
In the tranquility of black,
When the nights sing to me,
Songs from distant skies,
I lean back on the chair,
rest my legs on the railings,
And let go, Of all that binds,

But there are lights in the cottage,
People who know switch them on,
Come, share their joy and grief,
Sing along, lose themselves in the rings of smoke around,
Sometimes make sense, sometimes not,
And it always feels good,
To have them stopping over,
Lending me a break from the depths of thoughts,
Thoughts which just don't let go,

It was nice, O' old friend of mine,
Having you here, for the night,
Revisiting the good times,
Brighter and purer days,
Make yourself comfortable ,
With the cuisine and the wine,
Choose your tune, but play it low,
Feel yourself at home,
And in case I don't notice,
Just put the lights off, When u go.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Good Night!

Here comes a night, Familiar,
Devoid of sleep, a perfect souvenir,
Feels so right, One of it's kind,
I feel the urge to make this one rhyme,

Perfect was the day, perfect was it's end,
To seal it in words, is all I intend,
As for the eyelids, that don't drop,
A spell of words, made the clocks stop,

Some walls collapsed, The fissures I can feel,
Unsuspicious as I lay, words breached the seal,
And the mind, still blank, strayed a thousand miles,
To the Sandwiched lands, through the aisles,

And through its eyes, I see, a tomorrow that could hold,
Love in our hearts, As together we grow old,
Chasing our dreams, But free from their charms,
A world spanned by two souls and four arms,

Not a question of destiny, It's about the calls we make,
When tomorrow comes, Let's see what roads we take,
As for tonight, I wish I could sing you to sleep,
Steal a few moments, that you would like me to keep,

As I wait to see the sun rise, miles away,
Unsure if I made any sense, I've nothing else to say,
Towards existence, finds its way, whatever was this,
A good night's post perhaps, Sealed with a hug and a kiss.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Confessions of a blank soul,
Let me pour out here,
What started as a state of mind,
Now seems a never ending void.
Words scream for attention,
As memory stops the heart,
From wandering back to inspirations,
Ones you need to write sense,
Its been a long dry patch,
And I crave to pen down something,
That gives me a sense of satisfaction,
Not just to escape life,
and Hide myself behind words,
But something purer, more pacifying,
Something that relieves the inner side,
Of having conveyed what I mean,
Jobless or not, but a worthy one,
That which when I read,
Connects me to myself,
Whatever it be, It indeed is,
Somewhere inside perhaps,
And seems like It'll be ,
Another long wait,
For I don't see it coming,
As long as my mind refuses,
To leave it's shell ,
Or unless the heart rebels,
And breaks this up,
This cage so strong,
Something I call,
The state of being blank!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The wait..

Looking back, I see what a waste it's all been,
Bags unpacked lying bare,
The tickets still on the coffee table,
Within four walls, walls that ensnare,

With the train whistle, signalling,
My destination was now here,
The back of my mind knew,
This could never be it, it's nowhere near.

But sensibility prevailed,
And I've walked these streets for a while now,
Counting days, tranquilizing the nights,
Avoiding every possible why and how!

Things often go wrong, never did any for me,
I plainly missed faces i wished to be surrounded by,
And when times started getting tough,
They did appear, setting it right.

But the bag now seems eager,
To get packed again,
Find it's way on to my back,
And run away in the same train.

So when it stops by my place,
I could raise my middle finger,
Scream out loud on its face,
Bad times don't forever linger,

I don't belong to those cushy plush offices,
Nor to the currency minting meadows,
My people wait for me ,
And in their eyes, my belonging shows,

To hell with highs and the lows,
It will warm up, this feeling so cold,
And i'll stand strong and smiling,
It's not gonna be long before I reach HOME!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Smile !

It feels like a different day,
And it doesn't feel right,
For I see a dull face,

The one that only knew smiles,
Soaked in the nectar of life,
One that made days, defined nights,

Wonder what made you so weak,
People, time, hopes, whatever
Tomorrow when you open those eyes,
With the first rays of the dawn,
Things will be normal again,

But what bothers me now,
is the imperfect end to this night,

Not sure if you know,
The nights do talk to me,
And this one tonight, complains.

Everything will come and go,
All that would remain ,
Would be smiles and their stories,
Don't let the records tumble,
Make it happen tonight,
Stretch those lips wide,
And spread it as you always do.

Pushed down, everyone is,
It's standing back that counts,
Standing back and taking a stand,
Stand for? You know it beter,

All i know is I dont like it this way,
And am sure neither do you,
Then what you waitin for,
Clear your mind, Pump up your heart,
Search for a reason inside,

And let me see you smile,
through the eyes of this night,

Whatever the trouble,
Motivation is self, I was told,
As for the drive, look around,
You've not wasted your life,
Forget laurels and accolades,
You earned something big,
The faces around you that shrug,
When you are down,

If you don't find it in yourself,
Find the reason in them,
Let yourself know,
The healer is purer than than the pain,
And don't ever force the night,
To complain against you ever again .

Monday, November 15, 2010

This one from Manhattan!

Life has just been moments, which,
Have not yet grown into years,
Days lightened up by smiles,
Have not yet seen nights of tears,
Things you can't avoid,
Have not yet crossed conscience,
The edge, still beneath the feet,
Is yet to manage the six foot compliance,
The smiles have not yet faded,
The skin has not yet wrinkled,
Life's blooming, against all odds,
The buds somehow still stand sprinkled.
Enough having been said of journeys,
There have not been any falls yet,
It's still a story of two,
The world hasn't entered the scene yet.
I have known this road, yeah, the road of love,
Perhaps the most difficult to tread,
Don't you worry about me,
I know how decisions are made,
Give me the shade of your curls,
And the Sun shall become a friend again,
Give me the light of your love,
And I'll have stories of nights to sing,
Place your hands in mine,
You'll see the world in them then,
But it's gonna be a long trip,
Peaceful? I won't claim.
Don't you worry about me,
Speak for yourself,
Home is still in vicinity,
But the destination no where close,
I have made my choice,
Now it's your turn,
Wanna come, then let's go,
If not, then just return.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The chosen one.

A book, veiled behind layers of Words,
Lies open, right infront of me,
For a while now, trying hard to comprehend,
I stand here, Now aware of what was to be,

All that's written, All that was meant,
I see names bigger than mine,
Fighting hard to assert their mastery,
over it, that which changes lines with time,

A book, as amazing as the anonymous author,
Skillful at deceiving the reader,
For the fear of getting deciphered,
And getting dragged into the routine radar,

I see faces brighter than me,
Scratching their heads, rubbing their palms,
Coaxing the book to give in,
To expose it's original self, by virtue of charm,

The same trick as used by the book,
Not sure, if it might get tempted to reveal it all bare,
I stand here, with a black smile ,
On these still pink lips, now aware,

Of all that the book is about,
Though still unsure, if it would act agile,
And give in to the charms I've talked about,
But I stand here, with the same black smile,

As if telling the book, that now,
My dear friend, You stand deciphered,
word by word, bit by bit,
And don't you worry, you don't belong to the cupboard,

Whatever else you've got, go ahead and show,
But whatever you feel, & however hard they try,
Oh dear, I think you, by now know,
Who was the one who saw it all through,
Who was the one chosen to read you!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nowhere close!

Words colder than ever before,
But it's a reversal of roles for sure,
Ones which were once genuine,
Are no longer meaningful, no more pure,
And the ones which were just imagination,
Have started making sense,
Being more direct, conveying messages,
Finally coming out of the veil of pretence,
What a feeling, indescribable,
An ugly one, I dont mind loving,
I can but just say good luck,
Whilst you are packing and leaving,
But there was some stuff, again,
Which needs to be cleared,
What seems rudderless now,
Through the storm, needs to be steered,
I know your fear of the uneven waters,
And your love for ways steadier,
As if I give a damn, but i do,
One of those truths, u'll never get dear,
In the memory of everything chucked and ignored,
Whatever be those,
I had a small piece of free advice,
So here it goes,

Of all the stories cooked up,
I don't mind not being a part of,
But there's something more important,
Things you might already be aware of,
But in case you are not,
I'll like you to know,,
Am glad you turned out so human in the end,
Stuffing your mind with what people show,
And I cant help but pity,
In case you don't even know,
Am not one of them ,
And they ain't me,
Remove your blindfold and try,
And then maybe you shall see,
The only thing human here is you,
Humane ain't me,
Divine is what it was,
Guess its time to set things free,
Am tired now of explaining,
So let it just be,
Enjoy your hassle-less journey,
But know, nothing you ever knew,
Came even an inch closer to me!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Drenched, he walked with slow steps,
In knee deep waters, on the flooded street,
Scarce souls ran for shelter,
But he was in no mood to retreat,
Taking off his shirt, he fastened it to his waist,
The shivers were now so welcomed,
He stopped walking, stood still,
Closed his eyes, and summoned,
Thoughts he had been trying to avoid,
After realizations and confessions and what not,
This was a time, To let it all go,
And check what he'd actually got,
One more time, he was willing to take a chance,
To risk getting trapped yet again,
In what should not be, Though it's all what really is,
Meant to be broken wishes and some pain,

The thunder tried waking him up to reality,
But tiny drops of rain, Tapped his closed eyes,
As if not letting them open, even if he wanted to,
A conspiracy brewed, somewhere beyond the skies,
He let the ecstacy take over, arms stretched,
Oblivious of what happened around,
A smile adorned his deserving lips,
As he recounted memories, some veiled, others gowned,
Enchanted, he continued, travelling through time,
Feeling what he always wanted to,
And this didn't require anyone's consent,
Painting what was once black, totally blue,

Eternity was what it felt like,
By the time he ran out of the feel,
Opened his eyes, almost blinded by the twilight,
After the reel, it was time to keep it real,
He resumed walking, somehow content,
Knowing that it's all preserved in there,
That's what he's been, treasuring all that's worth,
Not in diaries, nor in vaults, but inside somewhere,
Coming back to him, he's on the road,
Inching closer towards his place,
When he sees people peeping from their homes,
With a weird look on their face,

And he noticed his gleaming chest, still bare,
In a city, which knows only pretentions,
Casually he removed his shirt from his waist,
Put it on, to help them breathe their apprehensions,
With each of the six buttons he put on,
He sealed all memories and thoughts back again,
Waved at the kid next door, as if nothing ever happened,
Here was a formal man, simple and plain,
Nothing to share, nothing to show,
What lies inside, No one shall ever know!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


I look back down the memory lane,
And realize how things have changed around,
The asphalt on the road, leaves on the trees,
Faces, smiles, winks, words, references,
All bear the signs of a change so profound!

But a minority that stood out from the list,
Were the ones with the power to describe and explain,
Precisely minute in nature, they often go unnoticed,
No knowledge or experience is complete without them,
Fools like me chase them, alas, in vain.

And so, I was in for a surprise, When ,
I read the change the details had undergone,
Firsts becoming seconds, interests waning,
And stuff that should just let be,
Privacy is a virtue neglected, I'll but try on.

Change is inevitable, as granny used to tell,
How could have poor details escaped the fate!
Its not a sharp mind that catches the trail,
A heart that cares suffices the job,
Examining details, till the time it's too late.

What changed is important, For the leads it provides,
A weird process it is, in a world estranged,
Learning from these cues, one should better adapt,
Tried ignoring, But still makes me wonder,
How terribly have the details changed!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Walking along.

Remembering all the times,
I have asked to let me be,
I feel the prayers have been answered,
And I am now a part of the crowd.
Its clear why they wander ,
The crowd is not entitled to choices.
And I walk along,
The initial craze dies out,
But I keep walking, telling myself,
The darkest of forests too,
House uncut ways that guide,
Existence is never by chance,
And its true, they are out there,
Even I'll find one,
If ever perturbed by the gloom, I'll run,
Race against the beats of my heart,
Faster than time, faster than thoughts,
And escape anything that binds,
Dive into the sky, tear it apart,
Make my way to the abode that was mine,
Where the Sun doesn't burn you,
Where daggers and deceits dont hurt,
Where its just you and the peace of black,
But my job ain't done yet,
I longed to witness and live in ,
This not-so-black world,
For experience counts, if nothing,
Escaping back is always an option,
But as long as I can,
I'll walk along..

Friday, October 15, 2010

Who decides?

She sat weeping by the riverside,
Next to the stone, which once,
was the Prince of the tribe,
The reason for this terrible fate,
was a curse, unbreakable,
Unless true tears of love,
were shed by a noble heart,
A heart the prince was loved by,
A single tear was enough,
But it had to be pure, true.
An entire day had come to pass,
And the pincess was still trying,
To cry out that one tear,
Which upon touching the stone,
Would bring it to life,
Conquering the curse with love,
But in vain,
The tears now were out of guilt,
Guilt of the absence of love,
She cried him a river,
But that one drop was still missing,
Broken the stoned prince was,
To realise the truth,
But He could not take it anymore,
To watch the princess cry,
Her eyes swelling up,
He let out a silent prayer,
To the holder of the curse,
To let him speak at once,
And the next moment, The stone spoke,
" Go home dear, Let no tear out for me now,
When I first kissed those eyes, I promised,
I'll never let them get wet,
It's not your loss today,
The one who lost everything ,
Is Me! Go, and remember,
You will never know ,
My love for you".
The stone turned silent then,
Never to speak again,
The pincess, stunned,
Took one last look,
And a small tear escaped,
It rolled down her right cheek,
Dripped from the chin,
on to the stone, SPLASH!

Love is perhaps the most
mysterious of all that we know,
It might not be there,
Where you blindly assume it to be,
And just when you think,
This is done, Love is dead here,
It might raise its ugly head meekly,
To declare, You dont decide ,
Where am I supposed to be,
I'll decide it for myself,
And then for you too!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

No complaints.

When I asked myself the other day,
Why do I never complain about life,
I saw your faces smiling with eyes closed,
And I knew, There shall never be a dark time,
With you guys being around in my thoughts,
Radiating strength, in dark nights.
I can take a fall and then rise all by myself,
But now I have your arms to make it easier,
Bliss is what it feels to be with you,
Pride is what it becomes when you come back everytime,
Standing the tests of time and circumstances,
We have together been a force unparalleled,
Everytime we get sloshed together,
And lose our worldly robes,
There I see, pure souls, that still care,
And I feel loved beyond times,
I have indeed had a time of my life with you,
And I know, Its the same with you,
In the name of all the smoke and booze that flowed,
And the killing of time, Time that separates,
I have fallen in love with this city,
Every place I go, I have moments from the past to recall,
You guys are rockstars, You know that,
Its just a matter of time, Until we get together again,
Set some different city on fire this time,
And I can wait for that time patiently now,
Thanx to the love showered by you,
Knowing What you feel for me,
I just don't hold any complaints against life!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Once upon a time...

Roll back ages,
Take them to their time,
And they shall know,
The glory they knew,
What they stood for,
And i shall be obliged,
If I see them smile,
Heroes of an era,
Vestigial today,
Words they do deserve,
For what lies within,
Not blood, Not hopes,
A cause much greater,
unknown to me,
For i never witnessed,
Days that were theirs,
I can guess though,
Bright must have been those,
Songs in their praise,
Swears in their name,
Treasured they were,
Preserved in their likes,
Pity them, I can not,
That elusive Power,
Is yet to be savoured,
This shall be a tribute,
To them who couldn't survive,
The test of time,
And the race of evolution,
Defeated you stand,
Let me take you to the time,
The beginning of it all,
And you shall know,
The purest of hearts,
Your worth is still spoken,
Let today be so,
But you shall indeed know,
Even though my words dont rhyme,
You, am sure, had your time.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

What remains?

An inglorious world meets it's silent end,
Sore I am, But no tears shall I let out,
An obvious truth but it was,
Clear to even the naivest brains,
And I do miss,
The warmth of the morning sun,
Pleasantries of the blackest nights,
Secrets kept, Wishes made,
Confessions of a pure heart,
But one dream it was,
My body-clock says its time,
Time to wake up, and move,
Back to the world that remains,
I resist, for i still can't believe,
What was right here when I closed my eyes,
could be gone in a blink,
I had castles to make,
Raise toasts, and cut a cake,
Corners of the town explore,
A world nascent as it still was,
Down to ruins has it come,
Gloom and despair, inevitable as they are,
Take over the land, once so alive,
No evidence speaks otherwise,
But I still wonder,
Defying logic and the odds,
Of the thousand ways to make you quit,
Could this be it?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Higher- Than ME..

Holding the chains tight, I feel so alive,
Like the kid in my family photos archive,
Soaring high, falling low, and again I soar,
Unperturbed like waves hitting the shore,
I feel blessed, thrilled to the core,
Louder than the thunder, you can hear me roar..

Feel the wind on my face, See the sun in my eyes,
Watch my smile grow wider, the higher I rise,
All creases disappear from my forehead,
Dumped the world around, cleared my head,
I'll take a break from wiping tears that others shed,
And stop nursing memories, now long dead.

Pushed the ground with my feet,
And there I go, Flying in a motion discreet,
I'll come down like everything that ever rose,
But one kick to the ground, and up it goes,
I take one look at my legs, strong ones are those,
They'll take the pain, for the flight I chose.

If ever you find me slowing down,
Sweat on my face, Eyes red with frown,
Rush to me, and give me a push from behind,
In all my life, nothing would be anymore kind,
For what you see is the child in me, praying for time,
My legs could give up, but never would my mind.

Enough said, and preparations made,
I'll now not worry about the end,
Up I go, everytime I take a drop,
Never felt better, I just dont want to stop,
Swinging alone, Am the one this world forgot,
Come watch me sometime, and please dont let me stop!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Burnt for greed,
I never complain,
Reduced to ashes,
I still take the pain..

But touch me not,
I'll leave a stain,
One that can not be washed,
Try as you may in vain.

Stay away,
the way it's supposed to be,
Light up your life,
Leave the Darkness for me.

A lump is all I am,
Of carbon just like you,
Sans the breaths you take,
And all that I can't do..

Harmless and selfless,
Am still looked at with suspicion,
I dont complain,
A weird world, a weird premonition.

Buried under tonnes of earth,
I've waited to be born,
Building strength and resilience,
Learning to tame my scorn.

And this is me now,
What you see ,
An unsung hero in your world,
But no regrets, let it be.

If at all you can,
Sing me a song tonight,
Uncertain if i'll see,
Tomorrow's light.

Am no phoenix,
But from my ashes, I'll rise,
I have darkness to destroy,
Am myself dark, But still precise,

So sleep in peace,
The night isn't too long,
But this could be my last,
Sing me a farewell song!

Monday, September 13, 2010


And one strange night,
Trapped in one strange city,
Surrounded by strange people,
Taken over by a strange form of insanity,

In a rather strange way,
I hit on a strange aspect ,
Of a strange species ,
On a rather strange planet,

Blessed with a strange mind,
And a strange red heart.
A tale of strange survival,
Part routine, Part a strange art.

Strange words, Fraudulent claims,
Render strange the entire story .
Strange that It doesn't matter,
A deal so strangely ordinary.

How strange is everything around,
Making exceptions is a strange sin,
Strange could be the word for me,
But Strange is what you have always been!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A discarded list.

'Cause all I need is Peace,

Peace- silent, tranquil, spotless,

The relief, then the release,

Elusive! Chased nevertheless.

'Cause all I need is love,

Love deserved for all that I gave,

Shedding inhibitions, rising above,

Freed!, This heart so naive..

'Cause all I need is time,

Time to set things straight,

Explain myself, Clear the slime,

Stretched? Don't leave, Hang in and wait..

'Cause all I need is faith,

Faith in me, Whatever I do,

Unfeigned words, Foul wraith,

Ignore! But know, I've put mine in you.

'Cause you see, All that I need,

Differently though, You realize, you do,

Found them all together, Pardon the greed,

Chucked the list, All I need now, is You!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Being evasive..

Walking alone, you'll be all fine, 
But it's just a matter of time, 
When one day, someone comes humming a song, 
Holds your hand, starts walking along, 
Weird it might seem, But you wont resist, 
You'd be done with all myths that persist, 
For he'd be the one, you've been waiting for, 
Have some faith, give some time, you'll be sure, 
Melting in his arms, old claims will die, 
You're just human, Don't be shy.
Confess love, It's not that bad afterall, 
It had to come, The final curtain call.
Keeping aside my world, my fight. 
I'd smile as you prove me right, 
But that would be a different day, 
we can only wait for it to come this way, 
It will come for sure, I know, so do you, 
Trust my words, they've always been true, 
Whoever he is, will join you on your journey, 
And you'd not want him to leave, 
It would hurt if it's not me,
But i'll still smile, and let it be,  
Taking consolation that you proved me right, 
You won't escape the bug, try as you might.
Just a matter of time until you meet, '
He shall come and sweep you off your feet! 

Friday, August 27, 2010


Wandering souls I see, 
Looking for a place, 
Where they belong, 
Some are blessed, 
For their quest is short,
Rest all disgusted and tired, 
Of the toll it takes, 
But none ever stop, 
For they do believe,
There is a place, 
Where they belong.

I feel sorry for them, 
For all the pain suffered, 
Hoping against hope,
Not ready to admit, 
Not all belong, 
To the green meadows, 
And the fairy lands, 
Look around, 
You could be there, 
Whether you like or not, 
Where you stand could be, 
Where you belong. 

They don't listen, 
It's only human, 
To long for everything better, 
And they shall continue, 
To wander with hope, 
For a place, 
They Wish to belong, 
Forgetting where, 
They actually do , 
The fools and The wise, 
Have no distinction here, 
I can't help but pity, 
These souls wandering, 
Until that day when, 
I look into the mirror,
And the man there asks-
"They believe in a place, 
 Where they belong, 
 If you are so sure, tell me,  
 Where do You?" 

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I've been wondering all this time,
Life seems to have changed but how?
But this saturday evening tells me,
I Am no more what i used to be, now,
Contradictory feelings arouse in my mind,
When I realise how true the reality is,
But the pain does take over the elation,
For it's true, I never wanted this.
Pretending to be someone I am not,
Infact trying to be what the world wants me to,
It's been a long month, and tonight i decide,
To get back into my old robes, Paying whatever I need to,
For this life has definitely been easier,
But not what it was supposed to be,
To hell with survival and aspirations,
I'll not change, I was born to be me.
To those who never cared,
My fury is all you deserved,
To the ones who do, Am sorry,
But this is Me, the way I'd like to be preserved.
I can feel it calling, And I can wait no longer,
I discard the faces I've been wearing for a while now,
This is me, The stories you've heard are all true,
Down on your knees you go fool, take a bow!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cautious Steps !

Always in action,
Some taken, others not,
These are my steps,
All that I've got!

Wandering steps, leading nowhere,
Directions still undeciphered,
Just a faint image guiding me,
Towards a place untampered,
Free of prejudices and pain,
An abode of Love and strength,
How do I save this dying image,
Slowly diluting, shrinking in length..

I hear it utter words sometimes,
To whom, Am not certain,
But i wish they were mine,
Its me who knows the depths they contain!

Unsure, as i have ever been,
Tempted I am to embark this way,
As if I had a choice, I already am,
On the directed road, come what may!

If only I could find it one step closer,
I'd leap over the entire distance left,
Till then I cautiously tread this path,
Unusually cold and calm, seemingly life-bereft!

The journey of life, is easier,
If covered in distinct steps,
You take one towards me,
I'll cover the rest,
Forget elligiblity, and appreciate,
The innocent mind ,
which believes it's destiny is you,
Unsure if it will ever make it through.
Nevertheless, it still keeps me walking,
Covering time, In carefully placed steps,
It's a painful-yet-worth-it story,
Of You, Me and these unsung steps!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Silent Eyes.

They don't speak a word,
Unlike the others out there,
But I still believe,
There has to be a story they tell..

I never really got a chance
To look deep inside them ,
The only ones, I ever wanted to,
It just didnt happen, Who do I blame?

Sometimes when my gaze happens to ,
Meet my Eyes in the mirror,
I see them tired, and uninterested,
In reciprocating to him who they belong to.

They've been the same ever since they saw you,
And they demand for the same sight all the time,
They know I cant fulfill this wish of theirs,
They don't see anymore, just dream of you all the while.

They've stopped praising other forms of beauty,
They don't even admire red roses and blue skies,
But they flutter, and retreat shyly,
At the thought of one day meeting your eyes.

Leave out the rest, Give them a chance,
The ones who roll still worlds into motion.
Come down to this corner of the Earth some evening,
Raise a toast to them, To their non-stop admiration.

With your consent, let me now sneak into this scene,
As I confess , keeping aside all the lies,
I do wonder what would it be like,
The day when I look into your eyes!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Man of his words.

I fail to come up with any estimate, 
Of the words i've spoken since I learnt to do so,
Weird it might seem, a worthless thought, 
That's height of joblesness, I know! 

But during these jobless moments of my day, 
When everything else fades away,  
They refuse to leave me alone, 
Words- written and unwritten, spoken and unspoken..

I wonder how peaceful would this world have been,
Had there been no words communicated ;
I feel this urge to disown  all of them, 
Words that destroy peace, make things complicated.

Lost in thoughts of a world without any words, 
Am broguht back to this real world- " Bhaiya Chai".
See! Words don't even let you think about peace, 
Let alone, experiencing it , now you know why!

My attention is drawn towards a flock of birds returning home, 
They race away screeching at the top of their voice,
I wish I could reach for their necks, and choke them to death, 
Something that they deserve for making all that noise.

But now they've passed, and it's again silent around,
A silence that symbolises peace, the peace we chase.
But this no longer seems pleasant, I order another tea,
I want some words around, 'Addiction' my logic says.

I hit upon a realization, something I always knew, 
The only ones who sleep in peace are the dead, 
Peace is Death, as is silence, ours is the chase,
I breathe deep, Feel alive, with words pouring into my head. 

I guide them to the deepest chamber of my heart, 
I'll never lose them now, They'll be safe here, 
I promise them , You'll be forever mine, 
I'll stand by you, no matter who u go to, Remember I care.

I imagine again a world devoid of words, and smile, 
Looking back at my imagination of a graveyard like place.
The truth is life would not be life, without words,
Let them flow in through all corners, pumping up the chase. 

The glass is now empty, A reason to get up and move, 
Pen down some words waiting to be shared . 
I move on and type them down , Just to let them know, 
No matter what they do, I still cared. 

Cared because they give me evenings like the one today, 
Cared because, when all left, they were still here.
Cared because they add new dimensions to my existence, 
Cared beacuse they know it all- every little wish, every disturbing fear. 

What an experience this has been, 
An evening down the street.
Lessons learnt and laws forgotten, 
Words pervading a mind discreet.

I was busy killing time, having tea, 
and watching home bound birds. 
When in the blink of an eye I realised, 
I have been a MAN of my WORDS!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ending it with a smile!

Don't raise that hand, keep it wrapped in your pocket,
A wave of a hand, doesn't make anything easier.
So keep that goodbye for someone who takes them, 
Leave as you wish, But don't wave that hand here. 

Perhaps the beginning was never meant to be, 
And so let it be, The end is now here.. 
That which ends, never really existed, 
An end is all that it deserved, why care?

Forget the romanticism this world likes to live in, 
Where Endings are always happy, And so are you..
Rewind your life , and see for yourself, 
If these stories and poems are actually true? 

Happy endings are disguised beginnings, 
Ends that you enforce to make a new start;
Each story that ends or begins, has two characters,  
One playing his game, The other meagrely his part.

We've lived in this illusion for a while now, 
But the myth is now shattered, It's time is done.
You don't have to pretend , That you cared, 
Nor make it bearable , by saying it was fun;
This is a failed world, Each broken piece testifies, 
An end is an end, There never was a happy one.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Your Hands in Mine.

"What would it be like, if one fine morning you wake up,
To live a dream that you used to see while asleep?
We have always talked about reality being so mean,
So harsh yet so awaited, So obvious yet so deep!
But Dreams shall be meagre desires unfulfilled,
Until they get real, and you know how does it actually feel!
Close you eyes, and dream about that fine morning,
When a dream is broken, Just to let you experience it in real! "
~ ~ Aslam Baba

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Faithfully yours.


A million things I want to say,

But When I do not find a way ,

I pen down it all on a blank piece of paper,

And it happens to take the form of a letter;

I don’t know whom to send it to,

I feel giddy, Having no clue what to do..

I read it aloud to myself then,

Fold it back, and place it under the pen;

I look at the blank envelope on the bed,

Its ugly, It was supposed to be addressed!

i reach for the letter and open it again,

We don't give up, right? We are men;

I Write down something about the pain ,

Of the envelope not bearing a name;

I smile to myself when I realise,

The envelope still lies blank,  in front of my eyes;

But I decide to finish what I started,

It deserves an end, an effort that was whole-hearted.

I don't write anything more,

Am blank as the envelope, to the core;

But something inside heavily pours,

As I sign it off - Faithfully Yours!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Sabse peeche hum khadey !

[ DISCLAIMER- This article is a work of fiction and bears no resemblance to any person- living or dead.. :) ]

Life's been a race for us all, from the moment we opened our eyes.
And we've been racing, aimlessly, leaving behind all hues and cries..
Few amongst us are born racers, I was lucky I was one..
But long before I could finish the race, My sprint was done..
I had been racing really fast, to the joy of some, envy of the rest..
Until one day, I felt, I had done it all, I was the best!
What followed was my decision to retire from the field,
Yes, I had thought well over it, the decision was sealed..

What an experience it was, Life sans the race part,
Peaceful, jovial, and serene, if not street smart..
For I dumped the racers, and settled down with people who seemed more humane,
I termed them as friends, this whole friendship thing was driving me insane,
For I had spent all my life chasing one goal after another,
Crushing anyone who came in my way, without thinking any further..

But now, The chasing boy , had grown into a retired man,
And the desire to excel , gave way to a broader game plan..
I set out to meet people, watch them emote, hear them speak,
To see if Life was all about the race, or something out of the league?
That was where life actually started for me, As I kept growing wiser,
And there was no question left, for which I didn't have an answer. .
The only truth worth mentioning that I uncovered was that,
Life is only a race, and all humans meagre racers, nothing beyond that..

I made up my mind to resume the race from where I had left it,
Heh.. But life gives no second chance to mice, and men who quit..
Alas.. I had no other choice but to sink into my arm-chair..
Enjoy whatever was left for me , in life, Even if i didn't find it fair..
I termed this part of my life, as joblessness.. And learned to live with it..
Showed the middle finger to the Creator, who thought I was finished, I had quit..
I have had my own fair share of reasons, to enjoy this life the way I wanted to,
They came scattered in phases, and One of them , my friend, was you!

Someday, If you happen to take a break from the race you've been running,
and you need to share your success-tales with, some known harmless being..
You might not find him around, Just cut through the crowd..
An old Silk Route song shall guide you through, playing out loud..
Persuading you to chuck out the crowd, and leave aside the race for a day ,
If you find yourself lost, You'll find your way, when you hear a voice say,
" Duniya ki iss bheed mein , Sabse peeche hum khadey"..

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's dying !

The winds have gone crazy..
The clouds are making up for the delay,
The town's plunged into darkness..
It's all dead and gloomy, to my dismay..

Rendered absolutely jobless by the climate,
I get down to the one thing I am anyday good at,
Refuelling my system with its daily doses ,
Examining the surrounding void, trying to adapt;

I sit here, cluelessly emptying cups of tea ,
and thrashing burnt butts onto the ground;
my gaze gets stuck at a lesser being,
silently staring at me, against the wind's whirling sound,

It’s melting down , even as others are shivering,
Heavy drops roll down it’s cheeks, They look like tears..
It’s almost half dead, and will survive only the next few minutes,
I could see its pale yellow face, Battered by burns and wrinkled by fears..

The tears it sheds, freeze midway on it’s body,
It burns a little more to sublime them away,
It’s fighting tirelessly to destroy all darkness and pain,
I appreciate your effort, I must say..

But its end is approaching near,
The flame that symbolized life is now flickering low,
As if begging me to cover it up from the winds,
And let it have a peaceful death, one that is painless and slow..

Am sitting still, as if under a spell,
I can’t move my hands, and help it out..
But I won’t let it die an untimely death,
But what can I do, I can’t even shout..

Once the flame goes out, it shall be replaced,
By another candle, and there shall again be light;
This is the logic behind this world,
But how would I forget this sight ?

If there was ever a commitment I made,
This was it mate, trust me, am not lying;
Someone help it out,
This flame is dying!
I can work wonders at times,
But I don’t know why am I not even trying,
Or maybe, I just got my common sense back,
It says ‘everything’s made to be broken’, very true,
But the conscience inside still screams-
To hell with crying angels and men flying,
Do something about it Lord, This flame is dying!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chasing Peace..

The creator's genius sometimes leaves me amazed,
A world working just fine, 
Humans struggling for existence, just like the lesser forms,
Life, arguably, is a seasoned Vintage wine..

After an entire day's struggle,
When I make myself comfortable in the balcony,
A can of beer in one hand, a joint in the other,
Following futile thinking, comes forth an irony..

The dope slowly takes control of my senses,
Forcing me into a state of temporary bliss...
Concealing ,the wannabe perfectionist in me, deep inside,
Exposing the imperfect man that hides underneath..

Into this trance, when I slowly dissolve,
With Barrett and his gang playing in the background..
You come to me  dressed all white,
Spreading ripples of eternity all around..

The struggling world seems a hallucination.
everything seems so quiet , serene and perfect..
This is where i would forever be..
This is life, you bet!

I love the way you smile innocently at me, 
and then lose yourself in my arms..
And I love the way it feels, 
when I run my fingers through your hair..
The world just ceases to exist ..
All the time I hold you near..

The night seems like eternity with you in my arms..
Looking into your eyes, Am freed of all pain..
Time ticks by without getting noticed,
The cell keeps ringing intermittently in vain..

But then, I suddenly find you melting away..
Subliming into the thin air that smells of grass..
Eternity fading away, the struggle sinking in..
Flloyd sounding like cacophonic crass..

I hit reality.. My cannabinoids and neurons have started reviving,
Forcing me to quit this utopia whose end was predictably near..
And get back to the struggle..
To get up and roll some joints and look for some more beer..

This is life, The place where you sweat it out..
Struggling all your way to the day of judgement..
But Can't we steal a moment or two , and  make it happen, 
The way it once was, I've grown tired of this prolonged predicament..

Why is the struggle still on, I've no clue..
Probably it's fate..
But Do bring me peace someday, For even today,
The last peg always goes in your name! Cheers mate! 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The night has a story to tell..

Through the window ,
I gaze at the night sky..
I didn't bother to do that for a while now..
And tonight I regret , Why!

I wonder what does it try to hide
behind that veil of darkness..
Speak out your heart , Am your friend..
It's dead silent, no matter how hard I press..

But the still air whispered something into my ears
Behind the veil, it hides it's tears..
But why, why would the night cry?
It longs for light, to get rid of the dark sky..

After an entire day of struggle and chase..
The night brings you peace so that you can close your eyes..
And wander into your world of dreams..
As the night itself silently cries..

For it has been cursed by the Lords..
To forever be devoid of light ..
It shall continue to exist in pure darkness and be aggrieved..
by the moon and the stars that shine gleefully during the night..

The night has a painful story to tell..
But You won't bother to listen..
For it lacks the lustre and the glory..
To grab your attention..

But my friend, I sit here admiring you..
I am well aware of the pain you have always been through..
I can't possibly change your fate..
But after each sunset, I shall listen to you..

You can share all your pain and grief with me..
I will let you be what you always wanted to..
No life can be perfect, but we still can try..
Smile now my friend, I want to see a smiling you..

In the flash of a moment, I could feel the air whirling..
The stars twinkling brighter than ever before..
An enhanced moonlight covers the entire view outside..
I couldnt really have asked for more..

I couldnt see it but I could definitely feel..
The night was smiling , smiling for me..
My job was done.. The night had overcome ..
The curse of the darkness , which was supposed to be..

There are no hard and fast rules in this world..
The creator was too tired to look after such small details..
Things can change.. So, can people..
So don't give up, even if your coach derails..

Give it sometime.. And trust me, it shall change for good..
Bad times in life are only phases..
They will pass and lead to the one..
Where there would only be smiles on our faces..

So enjoy the night..
Dont curse the darkness either..
Everything in life has it's own worth..
Dispose your doubts into the seether..

Go out and look up into the sky..
Do you feel something different?
Yeah.. The night is smiling for you ..
It's smiling even though it's all pitch black ..
Help it's cause and just smile back..
You have heard legends about light..
But you missed the unsung stories of the night..
You never cared perhaps, but well..
Each Night had a story to tell..

Sunday, May 9, 2010

We - The Men !

God gives u reasons to be proud of,
and am no exception..
Thank you god.. for making me a man..
Who can fulfill each word of the definition..

I know you were always skeptical
about creating me and my likes..
You made the mistake , but don't bother..
We are not just about daggers and spikes..

I've heard that an island never cries
And a rock has no pain..
Thats why their names get lost in the ashes of time..
For, without tears and pain, there surely is no gain..

We men, give limits their new records,
We set new standards, new examples to follow..
we set the world in motion, set the time rolling,
This meniality is within, sorry you cant borrow..

U test me , so many times..
Every day, every hour, every min, every second..
Never mind.. I know u envy me..
Coz you still seek the power to mend..

Mend up things the way i can,
Relations, disputes, doubts. huh thats an endless list..
Nothing is beyond my reach, its just that i dont care ..
Forget the lines u engraved on my hands.. Check out my fist!

I , am the one..
Who u didnt wish to create..
But such was the passion somewhere inside of me..
You failed to write my fate.

Am the ruler of my destiny..
The Man you feared will one day rock ur throne.
heh.. sit there at ease.. i wont..
Had i wanted so, it was as easy for me as kicking a roadside stone..

So all the men out there, cheers to you..
From this brother in arms of you..
We shall continue to make life what it is supposed to be..
life that is life, and to this ignorant world, something new..

We men are wretched things, Achilles said ..
yeah u were right my friend..
But lets talk more about that when i meet you..
After I close my eyes.. at the Styx's end..

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

She who must not be named !

There, amidst the crowd, stood before me..
she who must not be named..
But she did something for which..
its only me who has to be blamed..

My heart skipped a beat ..
when she came up on the dias..
the one-of-a-kind stunning smile..
The inncocent beauty without any bias..

I wish she could feel it in the air,
and turn around to appreciate..
the innocent admiration in my eyes...
thats never gonna depreciate..

She was gone, before i cud even realise,
everything I wanted to said..
got tucked in some deep pocket of my heart.
Wish she cud be by my side, on this path that i  tread..

Life was good even wihtout her but,
It was difficult to get her out of my mind..
She was one of the few marvels i admired..
yes, she was.. err no.. is one of a kind..

she talks like soft pearls rubbing against oysters..
she walks like the darkness of the night..
she invokes in me a feeling that pumps me ..
against all odds of this odd life , to fight..

After ages, tonight i dont find my eyelids dropping..
i wonder where the hell has all tirednesss disappeared..
but this new strength.. this freshness..
reminds me to be prepared...

for it's gonna be tough to realise this dream..
to make it come true..
the dream that am now seeing with my eyes wide open..
as the pane of this window gets covered with dew..

Am a godless man.. but tonight..
I pray to Him.. as others ,who believe, do..
there has never been a desire so serene ,so pure..
let me have my moment of bliss , let it be true..

Sunday, May 2, 2010

It happened one night..

If there was any one story I'd always wanted to narrate, It's got to be this one!
An experience I could die for!

This one is my tribute to THE TWO MEN, who gave me some of the best lessons of life!
I know I might just not be able to recreate the entire serenity out here..
But I could atleast try! And so, I did.. 

Here it goes-

A cold November night..
A deserted Delhi street!
Winter at its severest might..
Even street dogs making a retreat..

But there amidst all this..
Are Two men walking..
They are carrying some bags.. 
But why are they not talking?

The Yellow street lights ,
Shine brightly on their faces..
Both have their eyes wet with tears..
What the hell is wrong, any guesses?

The elder one is leading..
The younger lad is lagging behind..
He is finding it difficult to move..
and seems totally out of his mind..

The elder one looks asthmatic..
He is trying hard to breathe.. 
But is still walking as fast as he can..
Seems somewhere he urgently needs to reach..

They are together for sure..
But why isn't anyone saying anything?
Why are tears rolling down..
I don't understand a thing..

As the forced breaths reach his ears,
the younger lad this time offers help..
Give me the bag, U look tired..
It's fine, I will manage, was the reply..

Come on hurry, we might just miss the bus..
The elder man commands, speeding up a little..
Finally we have some words exchanged..
Silence however is rarely  brittle..

Both have again turned silent..
They are still walking..
The road seems never ending..
Have still no clue what's happening..

The bus station can now be seen..
Both of them quickly wipe off their tears..
Clear their throats and get ready ..
as the end of the sojourn nears..

Throughout the walking excercise..
One could feel emotions everywhere..
It was time to separate..
And everything suddenly seems so clear..

The bus is ready to leave..
The driver is blowing the horn..
Time seems to be racing..
it's already early morn..

They smile and hug each other..
Say their goodbyes..
There is silence again..
"say something! fools!" my heart cries..

The bus has started moving..
the younger lad gets inside..
Adjusts his bagpack..
and opens the window up wide..

He can't see the other man anymore..
Couldn't he wait for a while longer?
His checked eyes are now flooded..
he couldn't act any stronger..

As the bus approaches the ISBT exit, 
He sees a faint figure waving..
Clears his eyes and realizes it's him..
Ice-cold breezes , he's braving..

As the bus approches him,
the headlight flashes onto his face.
He could see a pain fiercer than his own.
"Regards" he shouts from the window..
"take care" he replied..

The bus sped away from the gate...
They are still waving at each other..
Till they disappear out of eah other's sight..
Lord! This has been one helluva night!

This younger lad inside the bus..
He is crying like a 5 yr old kid..
I realise how for the last one hour, 
I have seen emotions communicate..
Stronger than words.. Stronger than silence..

It was one life altering incident..
And I will surely never forget..
How one fine early morning,
I learnt the strange ways in which love communicates..
Why is it not always necessary to tell people ..
How you feel about them..
But how relieving it is at times,
To confess that you care,,
Why can we still hope..
Against all darkness, all bondages..
How love crosses all boundaries..
How omni-pervasive is it's might..
All this and a lot more questions were silently answered ..
By these two men, to me, that cold November night! 

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Soak up the sun.

How do I explain..
My love for the scorching summer sun..
I just love the way
It burns inside..
And then chars us out here..
As if exacting it's revenge..

But I just don't complain..
I have fallen in love with it...
I love the fire that burns inside..
I just love the way it continues to burn..

For I love the feeling
when a bead of sweat..
tricles down my sidelocks..
Giving me a consolation that..
Yes , Am sweating it out..
No matter how futile it seems..
But yes, am sweating it out..

Don't curse the Sun,
It already is ..
Dying a slow death itself..
But sustaining the flame of life ..

It shall receede ,
When the limit is reached..
Do not doubt it's mercy..
Let it enjoy it's time..

The summers gonna be over soon..
Enjoy the Sun, the stillness in the air..
Who knows what a summer would be like
If the Sun just refused to shine..
Praise it's beauty..
While you still can..
The sun is our hero..
let it not die an unsung death..
It's not always fun..
But I just love the Sun!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Never say Goodbye..

This one was created in December'09. When I first got to know how does it feel to part from people you hold close to your heart!
It was farewell time.. Psenti semites were about to leave.. And I wrote this down for one very special frnd! 
It's farewell time again friends.. Some of you are again , about to leave.. 
I never thought I'd ever publish this one..
But somehow tonight I realised the importance of this word- Goodbye.. and couldn't help putting it up..
This one is for you- all my psenti semite frnds.. To tell you guys that , I care!

You are about to leave..
but i dont wanna say goodbye to u..
You will  probably never return again..
but i dont wanna say goodbye to u..

I was never strong enpough to admit..
That i need you by my side..
I miss you when you are not with me..
I miss all those moments.. when together we laughed, together we cried..

Yes i was never strong enough..
to tell u that i care..
Was never strong enough to ask u to share a smoke..
Even as, through the corridor , I used to stare..

Yes.. I was never strong enough..
To tell u all those little things that were left unsaid..
Which gradually led us to two different worlds of ours..
And two separate ways that we tread..

Yes.. I took things for granted at times..
But that was just my sheer confidence in you..
That you will never separate ways..
But to err is human.. Me and you..

Let the past rest in peace ..
For we don't have much of the present in our hands..
The future remains uncertain..
But I commit to the tightening up of all left loose strands..

Yes you are about to leave..
But trust me.. I dont wanna say goodbye to u..
I believe there is still a lot o flife left for me..
To enjoy , like we once did, with u..

I hate letting my emotions out.
BUt I will make an exception today.
I will miss u my friend..
That's all I can say..

You are about to leave..
But I dont wanna say goodbye to u..
Just remember there is one guy somewhere..
Who will always there be for u..

Through all ups and downs of this life..
You shall find me ready next to u..
Yes.. YOu are about to leave..
But I shall never say goodbye to u..

Yes you got u got it right.
I wont say goodbye to u..
i hope to stay with you in your memories..
And that's why i shall never say goodbye to u..

Yes u got it right my friend..
This guy will never say goodbye to u..
Stay in touch brother..
It's about all those times, good and bad, shared between me and you..
Dont ever say goodbye to me..
Because.. I will never be able to say goodbye to u..
Yes bro, I will never say good bye to u..

Friday, March 26, 2010

You just had to go!

You had to go..
Oh yes, I knew it then..
As i know it now..
You had to go..

When i first wrote to u..
At the back of my mind, 
I knew u had to go..
But if only you could be a little kind..
To spend some time..
For the sake of the effort..
Alas.. You could not..
As I said, U had to go..

I won't wish u luck ahead.
Nor say it was a pleasure knowing u ..
Whatever little i could..
you see, I ain't any holier than u!

Two separate worlds..
Two separate ways..
Two separate people..
How could I ask u to stay..
When providence had already decided..
Bags had to be packed..
As i always knew..
It was time for u to go..

Now That you are gone..
This is a goodbye from my side..
We can atleast pretend we had one..
And ,by the laws of prudence, abide..
Both of us shall be perfectly fine..
No doubts about that..
No regrets, As i always knew..
One day u had to go..
It turned out a little sooner than expected..
But how does it matter..
Both of us always knew..
You just had to go..

Friday, March 19, 2010

Let Me Be !

Forgive me Lord..
For I no longer want to be YOu!
Your plans can all wait..
For am tired of being you!

Never realised when a normal happy child,
Transformed into a wannabe perfectionist..
Big dreams , Strong aspirations..
Made way to reminiscenes, As consciousness around ceased to exist..

I want my old ways back..
I want to be a lesser mortal like the crowd around!
I want to fall, and not be able to stand back on my feet all by myself..
So that i can find a helping hand, And test my ground!

Why should it always be me 
To catch people when they stumble..
To give them a life when they lose it all..
To take shit and backstabs, and still stay calm and humble..
I want to commit mistakes, 
And not be able to rectify them,,
I wish to cry , shed some real tears..
And not  be able to raise my hands to wipe them..

The turbulence inside is hard to pen down..
I've heard you care for your men..
You made me this, Am not sure about what exactly u thought..
But this is it for me, I no longer can bear this pain..

Legend has it that Men were born to be men..
In my folly of trying to play you,
I failed, to my pleasure..
The beginning has been scripted, now guide me through.. 

Take your blessings and boons away,
And let it just be..
I wan't to be a normal man..
I just want to be me!

Providence and You.

Life is a journey , they say..
Strangers beyond count meet you on your way..
You phase out many of them..
Some stay put for a longer period of time..
But that day shall come,
When you chuck them out too..
For you, are one lonely traveller,
traversing cosmic distances on an elusive planet..
a planet inhabited by morons..
Morons, Just like you,, Just like me..
coming together to meet some end..
And setting out to look for newer ones ..
For a newer task ahead..

Providence , I believe is a strong yielding stick..
Directs you at times like a magical wand..
At times, comes down harshly on your rear,,
In the end, proving it's superiority on us..
You may scream out of disgust.
Or yell out of anger,.
Cry out of pain..
or beg for mercy...
U can laugh, make fun..
U can run , but not hide..
You can try ..
But providence shall finally rule high..
Surrender your decisions unto it..
And lie peacefully as you always wished to.

I can't join u in this endeavour of yours.
For am still in a mood to challenge the odds..
There is still a lot of strength left in this small heart of mine..
I bid u adieu forever..
As i have decided to move on.
I don't give a damn about ur worthless existence..
Go! Die the shameless death u deserve..
While i move on to the next milestone of my life..
Rest in peace..
I shall pray for your liberation..
Coz You can do no good to this world..
Sleep well..sleep forever.. 
And yeah..I must concede today..
It was never a pleasure having known you..

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