Friday, October 16, 2009

Reminiscence !

I once loved you , that’s so true..

But am afraid that was not meant for u..

U never understood, never appreciated..

Though the love has died, the affection has not yet depreciated.


The distances have made it grow stronger,

and healthier  for sure..

heavens bear testimony to the fact,

This one is indeed serene and pure..


I ought to thank u..

for teaching me things i never knew..

Loneliness can help find peace,

and that , relations which can last are only few..


I never complain..

I stopped doing that some years back..

Life is so good,with or without u..

With those memories still with me, nothing does it lack..


Relations are enjoyed together,

But even if thats not the case,

Memories that they engrave in our hearts,

Are worthy enough to happily embrace..



Glimpses of past, sometimes when am fast asleep,

leave a smile on my face that i can’t see..

But when i wake up so fresh and happy the next morning..

I wish let life, this way, be..


This piece of literary shit is a tribute..

To u.. to all those moments that made me what i am today..

Thanx for all this and more,

I have a debt upon you that i can never repay..


Those flashbacks have again started pinning my mind,

It’s time to give them their share of attention..

I have to retire now, can’t afford to let them go.

They are, afterall my most precious possession..


So, i bid u adieu..

with a message for u..

There were some people who cared for u..

But who still could not be yours..

If u can’t do anything more, atleast ensure..

They get one small corner in that big sweet heart of yours!






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