Friday, August 14, 2009

A loser's promises to keep!

Change, they say, is the only thing permanent ,
but my life seems to be on a fixed circular track,
traversing through some fallaciously new places,
Finally to this joblessness, coming back...

months have passed since i last wrote something,
that doesnt mean i had some job to do,
just that i was trying to find,
something actually meaningful to do...

but the hopelessly idle bugger that I am,
never found somthing to look upto..
cause it's become more of a habit ,
to while away time as I always do..

I see people dying to make out the best of the life they have,
i see them finding satisfcation through even failed trials..
thats a better life atleast, considering
the pathetic imbalance of my phlegm, gases and biles..

I never thought i would one day crave to be like them,
the pretentious, big-time losers, that i always thought them to be..
But then the creator wanted us to be like this,
else how could u diffrentiate him from me?

At the end of the day, its not them but me,
who turns out to be the biggest loser,
'cause as i wish everyday that i better be like them,
not even an inch to the goal, do i move closer..

In my quest to be God,
No doubt,I miserably failed,
the purpose is not served,
life has completely ,off the track, derailed..

so, i would better try giving in my best,
to be as human, as ignorant as I can..
to be lost in the ashes of time,
Is the destiny of man..

there is still some time left, i guess..
for me to rest in peace..
But i think i should now retire to bed,
and try to lie in some hypothetical ease..

I wonder why my eyelids have stopped dropping,
it been ages since i peacefully slept,
seems it's miles to go before i sleep,
And a thousand promises that need to be kept...
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