Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Chase !

The burning sun, the nearly still air,
People on the asphalt road commuting,
n there amdist them, hastily walked a man in black,
with sweat all over his face, dripping..

With a heart beating like a horse galloping ,
gripped by the fear of the unknown ,
Cluelessly walking, locating the unseen,
intermittently kicking the odd roadside stone..

A hand waved at some distance,
Erupting a rage of unwanted emotions somewhere..
The unseen had been located,
to hell with everythin else, he just didnt care..

what followed was hours of bewilderness..
no ideas , only cluelessness..
He talked senseless shit,
the fear still churning his stomach pit..

time rolled by.. and once again,
He was there standing alone,
in the middle of a world working just fine,
yeah, he didnt want to go back home..

why remains the question still unanswered,
even he didnt know..
Stood there with frozen steps, forget the sun,
guzzling out smoke, deciding where to go..

He moved on, yes he did..
n got lost in the crowd...
a million thoughts flooding his mind,
n he knew why before u sow seeds, the field must be ploughed!

but no point realising anything now,
it was all over, the moment was gone,
All he was left with were some incredible memories,
And an unknown bliss,as he pondered till dawn..

This is life , as we know it,
Forget the ever troubling lows,
Find a reason to live, 
in small celebrations that it bestows..

We were born human,
we were born to Chase endlessly,
So chase, and u shall find peace,
Just like the boy i mentioned,who is now back home resting comfortably...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Reminiscence !

I once loved you , that’s so true..

But am afraid that was not meant for u..

U never understood, never appreciated..

Though the love has died, the affection has not yet depreciated.


The distances have made it grow stronger,

and healthier  for sure..

heavens bear testimony to the fact,

This one is indeed serene and pure..


I ought to thank u..

for teaching me things i never knew..

Loneliness can help find peace,

and that , relations which can last are only few..


I never complain..

I stopped doing that some years back..

Life is so good,with or without u..

With those memories still with me, nothing does it lack..


Relations are enjoyed together,

But even if thats not the case,

Memories that they engrave in our hearts,

Are worthy enough to happily embrace..



Glimpses of past, sometimes when am fast asleep,

leave a smile on my face that i can’t see..

But when i wake up so fresh and happy the next morning..

I wish let life, this way, be..


This piece of literary shit is a tribute..

To u.. to all those moments that made me what i am today..

Thanx for all this and more,

I have a debt upon you that i can never repay..


Those flashbacks have again started pinning my mind,

It’s time to give them their share of attention..

I have to retire now, can’t afford to let them go.

They are, afterall my most precious possession..


So, i bid u adieu..

with a message for u..

There were some people who cared for u..

But who still could not be yours..

If u can’t do anything more, atleast ensure..

They get one small corner in that big sweet heart of yours!






Friday, August 14, 2009

A loser's promises to keep!

Change, they say, is the only thing permanent ,
but my life seems to be on a fixed circular track,
traversing through some fallaciously new places,
Finally to this joblessness, coming back...

months have passed since i last wrote something,
that doesnt mean i had some job to do,
just that i was trying to find,
something actually meaningful to do...

but the hopelessly idle bugger that I am,
never found somthing to look upto..
cause it's become more of a habit ,
to while away time as I always do..

I see people dying to make out the best of the life they have,
i see them finding satisfcation through even failed trials..
thats a better life atleast, considering
the pathetic imbalance of my phlegm, gases and biles..

I never thought i would one day crave to be like them,
the pretentious, big-time losers, that i always thought them to be..
But then the creator wanted us to be like this,
else how could u diffrentiate him from me?

At the end of the day, its not them but me,
who turns out to be the biggest loser,
'cause as i wish everyday that i better be like them,
not even an inch to the goal, do i move closer..

In my quest to be God,
No doubt,I miserably failed,
the purpose is not served,
life has completely ,off the track, derailed..

so, i would better try giving in my best,
to be as human, as ignorant as I can..
to be lost in the ashes of time,
Is the destiny of man..

there is still some time left, i guess..
for me to rest in peace..
But i think i should now retire to bed,
and try to lie in some hypothetical ease..

I wonder why my eyelids have stopped dropping,
it been ages since i peacefully slept,
seems it's miles to go before i sleep,
And a thousand promises that need to be kept...
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