Sunday, October 19, 2008

Random Start..

I start typing, having nthn to do..
have to kill time , yes i have to..
Times have always been bad..
nothing new to turn me sad..

But there sure is a void sumwhr within..
can't help but it leaves me wondering..
Why hav i stagnated at the very first step..
when othrs around hav been moving..

They hav marched ahead..
leaving me far behind..
Most of them i dont care for..
but even those wid whom i had peace to find!

As if i care.. not really..
'coz there is hardly any time..
Yes time.. thats wht i need to hold on..
I dnt wanna waste my prime!

I see mortals faking reasons..
to keep themselves happy and content..
Shud I giv up n be one of them..
Or still fight n later repent..

I dont remember exactly..
the last time i tasted success.
Life gives u everythin..
so wht if failures in excess..

I feel like fighting..
for a set of self constiuted principles..
Modifiable as and when needed..
Am not one of those destiny's disciples!!

But thats where the problem lies..
there is so much to think over,,
but nothin in my limits to do..
I end up as just another loser!

Even my words desert me ..
when i so desparately need them at times..
They force me to stop here..
supposedly at their mercy like a beggar asking for dimes..

I do stop here..
but only with a ray of hope..
May be tomorrow i shall be back again..
activating my grey cells with their share of dope!!
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