Monday, May 21, 2018

Times now and beyond

When the vortex of like sucks me in,
I do not resist, I fall free.
This courage I derive,
From what I know and what I see.

All relations of this world, I abhor,
A social animal I can never be,
A one man army was what I wanted to be,
That is precisely what the world will get of me.

It is time now to kick balls and cunts,
Disowning norms and societal stunts.

The world, everyone alike barring some,
Can suck my dick and make me cum.

Something big, is poised to occur,
Some will enjoy, others will suffer.

Saturday, April 14, 2018


Do not believe the big screens,
Or the television, or anybody else,
The country you live in,
Is not exactly a safe place.

Stay safe; listen to your men.
The empowerment that others sell,
Is not real, my loves,
It’s your highway to hell.

When in Rome,
Do as the Romans do.
But if you buy their stories here,
Only fate can save you.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Another inch longer

On midnights like these,
Another year of lifelessness ends.
And another starts!
This falling God repents.

I don’t age or mature,
I decay.
Not at all happy,
Is this fucking day.

I need no wishes tonight,
Nor tomorrow.
For company I have my bottles, my cigarettes,
And this never ending sorrow. 

Sunday, March 18, 2018


This God transitions,
Into a man,
Condemned by the creator,
As part of some shit plan.

His one trick up the sleeve,
This fallen God still reserves,
His muse shall get,
The ode she deserves.

The world will know,
This fight between the Gods,
This fallen one will rise,
No matter, what the odds.

And when the fallen one rises,
The muse will know,
Gods will be Gods,
Even without the pomp and the show.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A Half Hearted Tribute- To The Old Monk

People live and then they die.
Fools keep their names alive.
Legacies are what they call them!
Fucked up shitheads and their lies.

Convenience is all it is,
To justify cheap over something fine,
Pretending they are a class apart,
As I drink the stuff that’s mine.

Your pretention is your own parasite,
You can keep ranting for hours,
If you really care to pay your tribute,

Don’t play it out for the world, just drink what’s yours. 

Friday, November 10, 2017


The digits added to my advantage,
This year was expected to sail through.
Planetary interventions and what not,
I await desparately an year new.

This year I've been to the abyss, lost my breath,
And still came back alive somehow,
Helped me back to my original self,
The one who questions - What, why ,how?

Was this the transition of this man into superman?
I have doubts if the boy ever grew up.
Foundations inadvertently laid long ago,
Are indeed difficult to usurp.

This year must end, it will end.
So must this trail of time.
The course ahead,
Life needs to be steered through,
Through strengths combined,
Ours, yours and mine.

If doubts ever cloud your mind,
Remind yourself of this quote I like,
' When you are the anvil, Bear.
When you are the hammer, Strike.'

Monday, June 12, 2017

Check mate

This one comes with lots of love.
And with blessings of your lord residing somewhere above.

Don't believe any story I tell you,
Out of my life, I've kicked you.

If I ever let you in, you know how it would be,
Nothing more of you, I can bear to see.

If there ever was  a God  other than me,
He shall die witnessing the world I let be.

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